Mandy Teefey, Selena Gomez's 41-year-old mother, has finally opened up about the truth behind her and her daughter's tumultuous relationship. In the wake of various stories surrounding their relationship and Justin and Selena's reunion, Teefey spoke to Gossip Cop in order to clear the rumors and tell her side of the story.

Teefey also explained why she no longer manages Gomez, who is 25.

Drama surrounding the Justin and Selena reunion

In late 2017, on-again off-again couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spotted together again, fueling rumors that they might have once again rekindled their tumultuous relationship.

Gomez, 25, was at the time dating rapper The Weeknd. In an interview with the Billboard magazine, she confirmed that she called it quits with The Weeknd after a ten month relationship, implying that she and Bieber decided to give it another shot.

The relationship between Bieber and Gomez started in 2010, when the singer and actress was only 18 years old. Their reunion came after Selena had a difficult start to 2017, when she received a kidney transplant from her best friend Francia Raisa. The surgery nearly ended her life, but the singer made a successful recovery.

Selena is an 'adult'

Soon after it was announced that the famous pair have given their love another chance, it was reported that Gomez's mother, Mandy, was sent to the ER due to the anxiety and shock the news caused her.

Newspapers were flooded with reports that the relationship between the mother and daughter was in shambles due to Justin's re-appearance in Selena's life, with some tabloids reporting that Teefey banned Bieber from their home.

Due to the amount of speculation, Mandy decided to speak to website Gossip Cop to clear the air and give her side of the story.

The 41-year-old confirmed that she hasn't spoken to Justin in years, not even through texts and that they did not communicate while Selena was hospitalized due to Lupus. Teefey stated that she was not happy with Justin and Selena's reunion, but that her daughter is an adult and has the right to live her life however she wants, as long as she was safe, healthy and happy.

"Every mother and daughter has disagreements," she emphasized.

Teefey also talked about the reasons why she stopped managing her daughter's career in 2014. She explained that their business relationship was slowly ruining their personal one, and that it was "no longer fun" because every time they met, it was to talk business. The mother-daughter duo now only produce "13 Reasons Why" together.