Kylie Jenner has been missing from the spotlight for several months now. While "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" fans might be wishing she'd jump right back into her old Instagram and Snapchat routine, it looks like Kylie has other plans. Now reportedly pregnant with her first child and due within the next month or two, the 20-year old "KUWTK" star is said to really be enjoying her time away from all of the flashing lights.

Kylie Jenner is avoiding everyone

Kylie still hasn't confirmed her pregnancy and at this point, there are questions regarding whether she ever will.

That doesn't mean that a baby isn't on the way. In fact, recently posted video footage and a picture prove that Kylie is sporting a baby bump and she's been taking a huge break from fame.

Well, as much of a break as someone as famous as Kylie Jenner can take, anyway. The Kylie Cosmetics founder has not been updating social media lately and even when she was, the "KUWTK" star was posting pictures from the chest up, avoiding any photos that might give away her current pregnancy status. She didn't even appear in the 2017 Kardashian Christmas Card despite fans waiting impatiently, thinking that would be her confirmation. It wasn't.

As far as why Kylie has opted to stay out of the spotlight as her baby grows, well it looks like she's simply doing this because she wants to.

"Kylie is doing really well," an Us Weekly source claimed. "She has been loving the time off!"

It looks like the source may have confirmed speculation about Kylie Jenner's famous pout too. Amid all of the pregnancy speculation, there has been chatter about whether or not Kylie would continue getting lip injections. The "KUWTK" star is said to be chilling out with many of her normal beauty routines so there's a good chance that she's passing on anything that's not necessary.

When will Kylie make her return?

Many "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" fans really miss Kylie Jenner and want to know when she's coming back to social media and everything else she normally does. With Kylie noticeably missing from everything that the KarJenners have been up to in recent months, it's pretty clear that she is one of the most popular of the sisters.

It has been reported that Kylie's intent is to keep her pregnancy to herself. She has shared so much about herself and her life with "KUWTK" fans in the past that she's reportedly enjoying spending this pregnancy without the cameras on her. We can't actually say without all the rumors because honestly, there are more Kylie Jenner rumors in circulation now that ever before. There was even a recent report claiming that the youngest of the "KUWTK" stars is seeing a rise in popularity because of her reclusiveness. Certainly, when Kylie finally does make her grand return, and especially if she does it with a baby in her arms, even Kim Kardashian won't be able to steal her thunder.