There's no end to the pregnant Kylie Jenner rumors. The "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star hasn't even confirmed her pregnancy and still, news and rumors about her pregnancy struggle continue to leak. The latest has to do with her baby daddy, Travis Scott, and their inability to settle on a baby name that both Kylie and Travis like.

It's all in the (baby) name

Travis, whose real name is Jacques Webster, knows how important a name can be. After all, he didn't get famous with the moniker on his birth certificate. Instead, he opted to change it up, explaining during an interview back in 2014 that it was inspired by his favorite uncle.

It turns out, that's not the only opinion that Travis Scott has about names. Rumor has it that he and Kylie Jenner have been struggling quite a bit in their relationship. It's hard to keep things together with pregnant Kylie in hiding back in Los Angeles while he tours heavily. The latest Kylie and Travis relationship rumors claim that the pair is at odds over what to name their baby, rumored to be a girl and due in February or March.

Kylie already has a few Baby Names picked out that she seems to love and really has her heart set on using according to Hollywood Life. Unfortunately, Travis isn't in love with any of the names that Kylie has picked out and wants to explore other possible baby names.

Names are the least of their problems

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have reportedly been having a lot of relationship problems lately. Not only are they fighting about baby names. They're also fighting about other women. Travis' alleged other women to be clear. Kylie has reportedly had her suspicions that her soon to be baby daddy has been messing around with other women while out on tour.

The 20-year old "KUWTK" star is reportedly having a hard time coping with the rumors that Travis Scott has been stepping out on her while she takes time out of the limelight to deal with her pregnancy. Her insecurity and their latest big fight are why Travis agreed to an extra Los Angeles performance on January 25. He wanted to be near Kylie Jenner so they could spend some more time together before the baby gets here and hopefully smooth things out.

While the rumors about Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott fighting over baby names indicate that she's the one refusing to budge over what to name their baby, hopefully, Travis' willingness to make a little time for her during his very busy tour will help them ease up the growing tension before their reported daughter gets here. If not, it might be over for Kylie and Travis before they even got a chance to really get started. As we learned when she dated Tyga, Kylie won't dish on her relationship problems, often opting to just leave fans guessing about her love life.