If you have been following every single episode of the Brown family's television series “Sister Wives” then you would know that Kody has four wives who are called Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. Kody was only legally married to Meri, but he actually divorced her so he could legally marry Robyn. He did this so he could adopt three of her children from a previous marriage that she was in. Well, speculation has now grown online as many people think that Meri is leaving Kody, not only because the two got divorced, but also because she has opened a B&B in Utah while her family lives in Vegas, so she could be planning her big escape.

With all of the news of Meri maybe leaving the Brown family, it has people looking into her and Kody’s past, and they have found some peculiar things.

What did these people find out about their past?

As mentioned above some Brown fans went online to do some research on their relationship, and they found some interesting things. The most surprizing thing that these people found out was that Meri allegedly got married to Kody when she was just nineteen years old. To make matters even more intriguing, the two only knew each other for two months before they got engaged and then they tied the knot just four months after they had initially met. It is also worth mentioning that the couple wanted to have children straight away, but Meri struggled with fertility issues for five years before they eventually got pregnant and gave birth to their only child, Mariah Brown, in July 1995.

What else are the Brown family up to at the moment?

The Brown family have been very busy over the last few weeks. For instance, their TLC family reality television series “Sister Wives” has just started a brand new season which is going to be full of drama. This season will follow Janelle Brown's weight loss journey, and we will also get to see one of Kody’s daughters (Mykelti) walk down the aisle with her controversial husband, Tony Padron.

The reason Padron is so controversial is because both the Brown family and many fans believe that he is too controlling of Mykelti. To show you how selfish he is he actually attended Mykelti’s wedding dress shopping trip with the Brown mothers (he invited himself), and when he was there he did nothing but make silly jokes and rude comments.

If you want to keep up with this family you can follow them on their television show “Sister Wives," and you can also follow them on their social media accounts.