Leah Messer felt she had found her big dream on "Teen Mom 2" when she decided to pursue public speaking. While she didn't feel comfortable the first couple of times, Leah had found something she wanted to pursue. She didn't want to focus on just public speaking, but more motivational speaking. Many of her "Teen Mom 2" fans had reached out to her on social media, telling her that she's a true inspiration for everything she has gone through. It's clear that her fans are behind her no matter what, especially when it comes to her struggles with depression, anxiety, and ex-husbands.

Perhaps it is her supporters that have pushed her to pursue this dream.

While Leah's first few attempts didn't go well, it sounds like her "Teen Mom 2" fans want to see her speak. According to a new tweet, Leah Messer is now revealing that she may still be open to returning to public speaking and she may be willing to travel to other states to speak and motivate people. Of course, she would need to put together some events and it may take time away from her schooling, but if she could get some help and some babysitters for her daughters, it's possible she would return to motivational speaking.

Fans thought it was humiliating

One of her first speaking gigs was featured on "Teen Mom 2." While she was proud of herself for going through the speaking event, fans and viewers thought it was embarrassing and humiliating to watch.

Messer felt she needed to go through a bad experience to see where she needed to improve her skills. As it turns out, the second time turned out a lot better.

In addition, Leah Messer revealed that MTV may have edited the footage to make it seem like she had no idea what she was going. Messer claimed it was much better than MTV made it seem and people who had attended her second speaking gig said the same.

People reached out to her, saying they were inspired by her story and her speech.

School and dreams

These days, Leah Messer is currently in school and pursuing a degree in communications. She still wants to set an example for her daughters and she wants them to know that they can achieve anything they want. Leah has previously revealed that she would go back to school when her daughters were in school.

She kept that promise to herself, so if she wants to go back to motivational speaking and pursue her dreams, fans can rest assured she will do that.

Do you think Leah Messer should give her motivation speaking one more shot?