Speculation over whether or not the "Counting On" star Joy-Anna Duggar became pregnant with her now husband, Austin Forsyth, before their wedding has been going on for quite some time now. Her pregnancy has been one of the hottest Duggar topics, causing much controversy. Fans have gone back and forth between believing the Duggars in saying she got pregnant right after the wedding and believing that maybe it happened while they were engaged, triggering a shotgun wedding.

Fans are not convinced that she's being honest about her pregnancy

Joy-Anna posted her baby registry on Amazon under her name and in it, she reveals the baby's due date.

She stated that the due date is February 22, which would make her about a month short in terms of when the baby was supposedly conceived. Considering she didn't even get married until May 26, that would make her about 8 months pregnant when the due date finally rolls around. Assuming that the due date she posted is correct, that would mean that she most likely got pregnant in April or early May of 2017.

Granted, if she really did get pregnant on the night of her wedding, nine months later would be February 26, but, Joy-Anna also stated in a congratulatory video her family filmed for the pregnancy of her sister, Jinger Duggar, that according to the due date, her sister would be pregnant a further six months after her child was born.

Based on her statement, that would mean that Joy-Anna's child would be due this month. If that is correct, then she most likely conceived in March of 2017.

Critics have said many other things in regards to whether or not she became pregnant before or after her wedding by pointing out that her baby bump was much bigger compared to how far along she says she is.

Or that it's the only explanation as to why Joy-Anna and Austin moved their wedding date up for when they did.

A lot of the speculation also comes from the fact that Joy-Anna Duggar does not share about her pregnancy on social media like her sisters have done with their pregnancies.

Is she lying about her due date?

Fans are completely split.

Some people say that the fact that she posted her due date confirms the fact that she and Austin conceived after the wedding, and others say that it confirms the exact opposite. Nobody will know for sure until the baby is actually born. If the baby is born early, then it could confirm what everyone's been speculating. If it's born later, then it would confirm that she got pregnant after her wedding day. But then again, they could just claim that the baby was born earlier than expected.

Regardless, to the Duggars, a pregnancy out of wedlock would be detrimental to their image and the message they are trying to get across to their followers, despite the fact that the young couple has already admitted to breaking strict courtship rules and having premarital sex.

But it would make sense as to why they would want to lie about this and keep it on the low. Especially after the scandal with their oldest son, Josh Duggar.

All of this is just speculation. The only one who knows anything for sure is Joy-Anna herself.