Joy-Anna Duggar has been the most recent Duggar child to be under the microscope. This time, fans are accusing her and Austin Forsyth of becoming pregnant before they had their wedding, causing them to have a shotgun wedding. These accusations led to the Duggar child being absent on social media, prompting more anger from fans as her older sisters are always updating them on their pregnancies through social media at least once a month. She then apologized and revealed the real reason as to why she's been staying away.

Why has Joy-Anna been absent from social media?

The former TLC reality tv star recently posted to one of her social media accounts apologizing for not being very active and stated that she's become very busy lately. However, others have something different to say as to her absence from social media.

What is being reported by the Duggar's is that Joy-Anna and Austin have been preparing for the baby and they are working on making their home "baby ready."

Others think that Duggar keeping quiet has to do with the scandal surrounding the fact that her and Austin's wedding was moved up from October 28 to May 26. This change in date is what ultimately started the pregnancy rumors.

The Duggars already admitted that Joy-Anna and Austin had broken courtship rules long before they were even set to become married, but now, fans and critics are starting to wonder if the wedding date moved up because the two became pregnant.

Obviously, there would be no way to hide that "mistake" except to make the wedding somewhat coincide with the due date. Unfortunately, people were still able to figure it out.

How could we know that Joy-Anna became pregnant before getting married?

So, technically, nobody can be sure that Joy-Anna and Austin conceived before their wedding date.

The only people who know that for sure would be Joy-Anna and Austin themselves and their doctor. But, some actual doctors have pointed out that Joy-Anna seems to be more along than she says she is.

There was a photo that the mom-to-be posted showing off her baby bump where she stated that she was only three months pregnant.

Many fans were quick to point out that she looked bigger than someone who's three months along.

One doctor, Dr. Stuart Fischer, who does not treat Joy-Anna, said that she had to have been around 4-5 months pregnant. Another doctor, Dr. Sean Henry, who also does not treat Duggar, said that she had to have been 24-26 weeks along based on a different baby bump photo that she posted weeks later.

Although these doctors would not know exactly how far along she is, considering they're not her doctor in any way, there is some credibility in what they're saying since they see pregnant women every day of their lives. Not to mention even fans were pointing out the same information.

Most likely, nobody will ever know if Joy-Anna and Austin conceived their baby before getting married, that's up to them to share with fans, but considering everything we've seen, it does seem likely.