A couple of years back, it was leaked that Josh Duggar had sexually assaulted some young girls as a teenager, including some of his young sisters. This lead to the ending of their show on TLC called "19 Kids and Counting, " and it even got Josh banned from making any appearances on their new series "Jill and Jessa: Counting On." Josh's molestation scandal also lead to the start of many lawsuits being put in place.

Unfortunately, none of those lawsuits were directed at Josh Duggar for his behavior, but instead, they were directed at law enforcement and a news source who leaked the information.

But now, it's looking as if their lawsuit isn't even going to go to trial.

The Duggar girls filed a lawsuit against Arkansas law enforcement and the parent company of In Touch Magazine

The Duggar sisters Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna all filed a lawsuit against the two mentioned above because they claim that law enforcement officials released private information about the molestation scandal to news sites, thus leading to the leak. They argued that they released the name of his victims who were all minors at the time.

They are filing the lawsuit because they claim that having the information released and having everything brought up again, brought back a lot of bad memories and feelings. And that now having it out for everyone in the world to know has negatively affected their lives.

Their claims make sense and are understandable. But apparently, the court does not agree.

Their lawsuit is in jeopardy of being thrown out

The Arkansas police say that they have done nothing wrong in releasing the information about the huge sex scandal that took place in the Duggar family many years ago. And according to the Freedom of Information Act, they're right.

Based on this, Arkansas officials are saying that they should obtain immunity, which would not allow them to be sued. They are also requesting for the lawsuit to be disputed.

Because of this, it seems as though the filed lawsuit probably won't make it to trial, as Arkansas officials are making a convincing point. Even if what they did may appear to have been wrong.

If the Duggar girls wish to fight this, they would have to prove that whoever did this did so with the intention of causing them harm. According to documents, the lawsuit that they filed does not prove that law enforcement was being unconstitutional in releasing the information.

In regards to the information being leaked to In Touch, a statement was released saying that the information that they asked for was not sealed or removed. It also stated that the person listed in the report was an adult and that any names of minors in it were removed, as well as pronouns which would have given away the genders of the victims.

Considering all of this, it may be quite hard for the Duggar sisters to continue with this lawsuit.