In what was meant as an innocent video, Jeremy Roloff of "Little People, Big World" is seen tickling his daughter. Romper shared that the fans are freaking out over this video, though. They are really upset and feel like Jeremy could cause damage to his daughter and that this is not okay.

What did Jeremy do that upset fans so much?

In this video, Jeremy is just playing with his daughter. He is tickling her and she is laughing away. Ember was born in September of 2017 and so she is just a few months old. Audrey is always posting videos and pictures of Ember on social networks, so it isn't surprising that she shared this one.

Jeremy Roloff is simply tickling his daughter under the chin and it was shared on Facebook. Ember has a smile on her face during the video and seems to be just fine. She doesn't seem uncomfortable or like she isn't enjoying it, but that doesn't mean the fans didn't freak out. They are really upset at the idea that he would even do this to her at all.

What are the fans upset about?

The fans are explaining that doctors have told them that you shouldn't ever tickle a baby at all. Personally, I have never heard this before, so I am shocked by this one, but there are several different people upset over it and speaking out. One fan explained it saying, "Don't tickle babies it will make them stutter.

It hurts their nervous system. Think what it does to you if someone holds your arms and tickles you." One thing that the fans are saying is that you can make a baby laugh in other ways.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff haven't responded to the people who are so upset about this and are just going on about their business. They are used to the haters on their posts so they may just ignore them all the time now.

Dr. Lisa Scott, the Director of Clinical Education and Research Associate in the School of Communication Science and Disorders at Florida State University actually explained that this doesn't cause stuttering. It can happen if someone in your family has the issue and other things, but not tickling your baby. I guess I can see the point about the baby having no control, but when anyone gets tickled they don't have control.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff probably won't stop tickling, but probably will stop posting about it.

What do you think about Jeremy Roloff tickling his daughter? Is there any reason for concern? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Little People, Big World" when it returns to TLC.