Jenelle Evans has stayed somewhat silent ever since she got married to David Eason. This "Teen Mom 2" star was super excited about getting married to David and despite some stress the day before, she chose to go through with the wedding day. However, many people are convinced that he's not the right for her, as he tends to have a short fuse and he has been labeled as abusive. Jenelle hasn't listened to the rumors about her husband, and she has chosen not to comment on rumors that they are already headed for divorce. Instead, Evans is staying silent about the drama around her and she's focusing on her family.

This weekend, Jenelle Evans and her two sons went to support David's daughter Maryssa in a cheerleading competition. They have been doing quite well and the entire family has the clothing to support her. According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans revealed that her daughter Ensley also had a shirt to support her half-sister, but Jenelle forgot it on the way out the door. In the post, she admits that it is hard to have four children.

Bringing David's daughter into the family

When Jenelle Evans married David, she decided to take in Maryssa. While Eason has been keeping his family issues private, it sounds like he struggled to get custody of Maryssa for a while. Now that he has custody of her, they have become a family.

And Jenelle is taking her stepmother role seriously, as she's been supporting her stepdaughter at these cheerleading competitions every weekend.

In the post, it's clear that both Jace and Kaiser love support Maryssa at her competition. Maryssa hasn't been featured on "Teen Mom 2," but it sounds like they have become a perfect little family.

Jenelle has been very open to David's daughter, even though she's not biologically her child.

No more kids?

Jenelle said it was hard to take of four children, so she's clearly seeing Maryssa as her own child these days when it comes to responsibility. While many people have questioned whether she wants another baby, it sounds like she has no plans of getting pregnant again.

Some people claim that they see a baby bump on her, but she has denied that she's pregnant with a fourth baby. If she was to have another baby, she would be responsible for five children and she would be in two custody battles.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans admitting that she thinks it's hard with four children? Would you advise her to stop having children?