elvis presley, the King of Rock And Roll would have celebrated his 83rd birthday on January 8, 2018. Dedicated Elvis Presley fans remember Elvis' birthday every year, despite it being more than 40-years since the iconic singer's untimely passing on August 16, 1977, at the young age of 42.

Gone but never forgotten

Every year at this time thousands of Elvis Presley fans flock to his Graceland home in Memphis, Tennesee for the yearly EP Proclamation Birthday celebration. Fans come from around the world to remember Elvis and celebrate his birthday at Graceland.

After a ceremony honoring the King led by Graceland Ceo officials and the Mayor, the crowd is led in singing "Happy Birthday" to Elvis before the cake cutting. This year's cake honors the1968 comebackTV special that so many loved and adored.

Elvis remains most beloved entertainer of all times

Fans on hand at Graceland will share cake and hot chocolate and their favorite Elvis Presley memories before engaging in a tour of Graceland mansion, Elvis' gravesite among a slew of other special related activities taking place on his special day.

Now it would not be Elvis' birthday celebration without a little EP controversy. Many fans across the world continue to believe that the King remains among the living.

Numerous social media sites and pages have been dedicated to fans who continue to believe that he did not die in 1977. Many controversial arguments among fans claim that evidence has been uncovered over the past four decades that prove that Elvis allegedly faked his death in order to leave the public eye for numerous reasons.

As previously reported, over the years fans have dissected every detail surrounding Presley's "death" revealing what they believe is the truth behind the Elvis death conspiracy. To this day, there are some who believe that Elvis Presley did not die on August 16th, 1977 and that in 2018 he is alive and well living undercover at age 83.

According to the report, a popular Presley Facebook fan page claims to have inside knowledge that The King is going come forward in the very near future revealing the news that he is alive, and all the details of why he faked his death.

The Elvis Presley death conspiracy remains to be one of the most interesting and researched of all times. Whether, or not you believe that Mr. Presley has passed decades ago, or remains among the living, one thing cannot be denied, Fans remain the most dedicated and interesting groups across the globe.

Happy 83rd Birthday Elvis Presley! What are your thoughts on the continued conspiracy theories in 2018?