The News just came out today that Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus have called it quits. There is a lot of back and forth between the two. Radar Online just shared that Javi went to them and explained more about why he ended their relationship after Briana gave her own statement. He says it basically had to do with the fact that he didn't agree with her plans for the future. Javi did admit earlier today that he was pretty upset over the split.

What did Briana have to say?

Javi and Briana were only together for months, but they are already done.

She accused him of actually ending their relationship because he didn't want her to go and get plastic surgery. Briana talked to Blasting News earlier today and when she did she explained that he doesn't want her having plastic surgery that she already has planned for two weeks from now.

Briana is getting a tummy tuck, breast lift and lipo. She said he thinks it will look bad on his name for work, but she is doing it anyway. Briana also said that he was wanting things she wasn't ready for such as them moving in together. She just wasn't in a rush for those things. They were kind of living their own lives since they were in different states.

What is Javi firing back at her?

Javi Marroquin says that isn't the reason they split at all and it was because of the distance.

They were doing a long distance relationship, which is never easy on a couple. They do both have children. Javi said that he didn't agree with all of her future plans and that couldn't compromise, even though he wanted to do it. According to him, the plastic surgery itself was not the issue between them. He has nothing negative to say about her at all, though.

At this time, he is hoping that they can stay friendly, but you know that is never easy. It doesn't sound like they are going to be getting back together anytime soon, but you never know what will end up happening.

The rumors that these two had split had been going on for a bit because of the way they were doing things on social networks.

They deleted photos of each other and Javi even changed his relationship status on Facebook. It wasn't until today that they admitted that things were over between them.

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