In the tragic Wake of Carl's impending doom, we have forgotten that Carl Grimes isn't the only beloved character to be walking away from "The Walking Dead." By the end of season 8, we will also kiss Morgan Jones goodbye... but not forever.

Crossing over

Season 8 of "The Walking Dead" will have fans saying goodbye to two beloved characters (and hopefully Negan), but we will see one character the spinoff "Fear The Walking Dead."

Morgan Jones, played by British actor Lennie James, has officially joined the cast of "Fear The Walking Dead" even though it sounds like he wanted to stay.

When asked about his leaving, James said, "the hardest part of it from the beginning until now has been leaving "The Walking Dead"; leaving that cast and leaving that crew. And I've said my goodbyes to the cast and stuff, and I've said my goodbyes to the crew."

What is done is done, and Morgan has crossed over; he should be grateful he made it out fully intact.

New "Fear The Walking Dead" show-runner, Andrew Chambliss opened up to Entertainment Weekly about crossing Morgan over. "As Morgan Jones steps into the world of "Fear The Walking Dead," he'll be continuing the journey he began on "The Walking Dead" way back in the pilot."

Meaning behind the pictures?

From the comic book nerds to the conspiracy nuts to us journalist, the two new photos from the upcoming crossover have been analyzed as we try to find any meaning in how Morgan's story will unravel.

The first picture of Morgan has him in similar clothing to the ones he wore in the pilot of "The Walking Dead." He doesn't have any weapons besides a pipe looking object and looks afraid of something we the audience cannot see.

Maybe Morgan's story will start once his son has died. We might see how Morgan's loss turned him into the crazy Morgan we see when he reappears in season 3.

I think I can speak for a majority of us fans when I say we will cry as Morgan dies a little from the loss of his son.

The second picture has a cold Morgan looking unafraid of a Walker trapped in a car. Morgan has his "stick" so we can all agree that we have now jumped to the no-kill Morgan. We did see Morgan's journey to Alexandria so I do not know how the time jump will go.

So long friend

I do not know how I will be without Morgan, but we survived the death of Glenn, and we will continue to barely survive when we quote Laurie and say, "Good night love," to Carl. Goodbye Morgan.

"Fear The Walking Dead" season 4 will return to AMC in the summer of 2018.