Taylor Swift could teach a seminar on how to make even your closest friend an enemy. The latest friend to turn their back on the American singer-songwriter is Karlie Kloss; a member of Swift's exclusive squad! Kloss joins Kanye and Kim West, Demi Lovato, and [of course] Katy Perry in the 'I-Hate-Taylor-Swift' squad.

Trouble in friendship paradise?

Fans of Swift, better known as Swifties, first suspected trouble between the two blonde beauties when Swift released "Look What You Made Me Do," a single from her latest album "Reputation." LWYMMD is Swift's version of the middle finger to her fellow haters, from the lyrics to the obvious tells in the music video.

So fans were surprised when Kloss's signature was missing from Swift's new version of the white tee from the music video "You Belong With Me."

The missing signature did not go unnoticed and it didn't take long for fans and news media to brainstorm reasons why Kloss's signature did not make the squad t-shirt. Neither Kloss or Swift confirmed or denied the possibility of a falling out and soon the missing signature became old news as Swift released new music videos.

Rekindling the friendship with a selfie

Swift turned 28 this December and many fans, friends, and family members got on their social media accounts to post loving birthdays messages to the pop icon. Along side them was Kloss who posted a selfie of herself and the birthday girl.

Fans rejoiced at the rekindling of the girls' friendship. All was right in the world...or was it?

Swish swish!

On the first day of the new year Kloss went to Instagram to promote the Love Advent 2017 Calendar. She posted a video of herself playing basketball to her Instagram with the caption: "Swish swish -basketball emoji- -heart emoji- Love Advent '17 thank you @thelovemagazine @kegrand @philpoynter"

"Swish swish." The two simple words it took to destroy fans hopes that the two girls were back to being best friends.

Katy Perry released her single Swish Swish in 2017 and nobody could deny the song was directed at Swift. Instantly fans posted that Kloss had taken sides and chose Perry over longtime best friend Swift.

It didn't take long for Kloss to edit the caption of her Instagram video to, "Nothing but net-basketball hoop emoji- -heart emoji- Love Advent '17 thank you @thelovemagazine @kegrand @philpoynter" Swift has yet to release a statement and sources close to Kloss said she meant nothing by the caption.

Kloss vs Swift?

What do you think? Did Kloss send a dig Swift's way using a Perry lyric? I think it was simply a misunderstanding. Besides, who has time to keep up with all of Swift's enemies and songs written about her? We can barely keep up with her hate songs and digs!