We have just started a brand new year, and it has just been announced that Jinger Duggar and her husband Jeremy Vuolo are expecting a child later this year. Now, because the two have just had a milestone in their relationship, many fans have now gone online to look through the history of the pair’s relationship. The most interesting part of their romance in many people’s minds would be when Vuolo went Engagement Ring shopping for Jinger. It is worth mentioning that whenever Vuolo went ring shopping it was filmed for the family’s reality television series “Counting On.” This means Duggar fans are able to look at the ring as many times as they want and try to figure out the exact ring it is so they can work out how much it cost.

How much was the engagement ring?

For us to work out how much the Duggar ring cost we need to find out what kind of ring it is. When Vuolo was asked on the show about buying a ring for Jinger, he said: “Something I really love about Jinger is [that] she’s simple but very elegant. So, I want a diamond that reflects that and a ring that reflects that.”

Well, through watching the clip over and over again many Duggar fans were able to point out that the diamond Vuolo bought her was a .75-carat Princess Cut Diamond. Now, the prices for a .75-carat princess cut diamond differ a lot. For instance, if you were to buy a cheap diamond it would only be around $700, but if you were looking at a high-quality diamond, then it would be around $10,000.

With Vuolo having a net worth of $400,000 it is safe to say he probably bought one of the most expensive rings possible. I have attached the clip of Vuolo shopping for an engagement ring below so you can take a look at the type of rings he was looking at with your own eyes.

What are the rest of the Duggar family up to now?

Not only is Jinger Duggar pregnant but two other members of the Duggar family are also expecting as well.

These two other family members are Jinger’s sister Joy-Anna and her sister-in-law Kendra. If you want to keep up with the rest of the Duggar family, you can follow them on their TLC reality television series “Counting On” and you can also follow them on their social media accounts.

It is also worth mentioning that Jill’s husband Derick Dillard will not be appearing on the show anymore as he was fired after he made some transphobic remarks about Jazz Jennings online. Dillard will not be the only family member not appearing on the show, as Josh Duggar will also not appear due to numerous scandals.