Did your New Year's resolutions involve weight loss or improved fitness? Whether you weigh as much as folks on "My 600-lb Life" or just need to shed 20 pounds, it can be difficult to get into a healthier habit. Here are easy and cheap exercise workouts to burn post-holiday pudge without busting the budget. These are inspired by Mama June of "From Not to Hot" and her amazing weight loss.

Walk your way to weight loss

Winter is a challenging time to practice exercise routines with snow, ice and cold weather. But gyms are expensive and Christmas may have already strained your bank.

Plus, holidays pack on extra pounds. Are you in a trifecta of broke, overweight and stuck inside through bad weather? Jogging may be hard, so do what you can. Walk, shovel snow, push a grocery cart, take kids to an indoor playground. Push the baby stroller through malls or indoor venues. Add ankle weights as personal trainer Kenya Crooks made "Honey Boo Boo" star June Shannon do.

Don't overdo, just do it

Many fitness workouts fail because they are too demanding. Set realistic goals and work your way up. Morbid obesity prohibits some exercises so "My 600-lb Life" reality TV celebrity Dr. Now encourages patients to move a little more each day. If the best you can manage is to walk the length of your school hallway, start there.

Add more weight to your ankles. Walk a little longer each time. Walk through snow or sand for resistance.

At-home fitness options

Invest in an elliptical trainer, exercise bike or treadmill that exercises the whole body. Obese folk, seniors and people with back problems may want to choose a walking or "step" cross trainer, instead of a bicycle exercise machine.

Some cross-trainers are quite expensive, so check Sears, Dunhams and Gold's Gym from Walmart for machines under $200. Pair exercise with a ketogenic or Mediterranean diet like celebrity Mama June and you've got New Year goals met. Follow "My 600-lb Life" Dr. Now's 1,200-calorie gastric bypass surgery diet and double your workout value.

Yoga and pilates

Pilates and yoga style exercises are great for fitness, weight loss, and DIY physical therapy. Yoga emphasizes gentle stretching and range-of-motion fitness activities, as opposed to vigorous, high-impact workouts. Purchase a yoga mat, pilates balls, blocks, medicine ball, workout DVDs, Theraband or generic resistance bands, flex cords, ankle weights and other workout equipment under for $10 at Dunhams, TJ Maxx, Target, and Walmart. Look for discounts on exercise equipment kits at New Year's winter fitness sales. Don't forget secondhand stores. Reality television star Mama June kicked her 300-lb weight loss with a jump rope.

YouTube your weight loss

Check YouTube for free exercise routines.

Jack LaLanne was and always will be the best exercise coach with inexpensive, common sense fitness workouts. His shows are available online. There are many advantages to following workout demonstrations. You'll learn helpful workarounds and safety tips to avoid injury. The soothing voice of a yoga coach can help you de-stress and relax.

Tips for gyms

If you are considering a gym membership to get fit and lose weight, look for one with a pool. "My 600-lb Life" bariatric surgery patients swim and do aquatherapy for weight loss. Your gym should be open 24-7, 365 days a year ideally. Save money with six-month or yearly memberships.