"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that newly introduced character, Stefan O. DiMera, who is being portrayed by soap opera vet, Tyler Christopher, will cause a lot of problems for Chad and Abigail. Many "DOOL" fans love the pairing of Chad and Abby, or "Chabby" as they lovingly call the couple. However, it seems that the Salem super couple will be facing some major conflict in the near future.

Stefan and Abigail will grow close while living together in the DiMera mansion

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers and news, Abigail has already caught the eye of Stefan, and soon enough the two will be living together.

Stefan will reveal to his newfound family that he now owns the DiMera mansion, but wants them all to live there together. So, Stefan and Vivian will move in and share the space with Chad, Abigail, Andre, and Kate. Things should be very tense already, but Abigail and Stefan being in such close quarters is sure to kick off an interesting new storyline.

A new conflict between Chad and Abigail in the new year?

New "Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that Abigail and Stefan will have a few conversations, and grow close. Abigail is a character that often sees the good in people, and Stefan will be no exception. She's also seen the good in Stefan's DiMera brothers, Chad and Andre. However, Chad will not be happy about Abigail's new found friendship with Stefan, and he'll even be worried that his wife may be unfaithful to him with his newly discovered half-brother.

"DOOL" fans know that Abigail loves Chad very much, and the couple has gone through a lot of drama to be together. They're finally happy now, and that usually means that conflict can't be far behind.

Stefan and Chloe could be the next big Salem couple

Meanwhile, after the love triangle with Chad and Abigail plays out and comes to an end, many "Days of our Lives" fans wouldn't be surprised to see Stefan move on to another Salem female.

"DOOL" viewers watched this week as Stefan shared some interesting scenes with Chloe Lane, and fans even took to social media to reveal that they believe the pair should hook up in the future. Stefan flirted with Chloe, and the two even had a conversation about the fact that Chloe was single. Chloe opened up to Stefan in the short time they spoke, telling him that she was busy with her budding business, and raising her young son, Parker. Perhaps Chloe will stay on Stefan's radar, even while he is busy pining over his brother Chad's wife, Abigail, and causing problems in their marriage.