"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that Chloe Lane's love life, which has been pretty lame as of late, may be getting very interesting in the near future. The latest "DOOL" news reveals that Chloe may soon have not one, but two, men who want to begin relationships with her, and a love triangle could be in the works for Salem's singing diva.

New couple forming in Salem?

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" news and spoilers, Chloe Lane will be asked out on a date by a surprising person. As many "DOOL" viewers already know, Chloe and Lucas Horton used to be married.

However, their marriage fell apart early on. They definitely weren't one of the soap's great love stories and could never be compared to the likes of Bo and Hope, Steve and Kayla, John and Marlena, or even Shawn and Belle or Chad and Abigail. However, they were a couple and it looks like Lucas is going to want to try to rekindle that relationship as soon as he's out of rehab.

Lucas should be focused on his recovery and family

It doesn't seem like Lucas will be thinking this through very well. He literally will be fresh out of rehab after months and months of binge drinking, losing his job, and pushing away his family members. However, the first thing he wants to do is ask Chloe out on a date. Many "Days Of Our Lives" fans would think that Lucas would be very focused on reconnecting with his son, Will Horton, who has just returned to Salem after being presumed dead for two years or visiting his daughter Ali.

Lucas should even want to spend time with his granddaughter, Arianna. However, it looks like "DOOL" may try to force an unusual couple of he and Chloe together again.

Chloe to choose between Lucas and Stefan?

It is unclear whether or not Chloe will say yes to Lucas' date invitation, but if she does, Lucas could soon have some competition.

It seems that "Days of our Lives" may be hinting at a Chloe romance with Salem's newest bad boy, Stefan O. DiMera. Chloe and Stefan hit it off early on and had an interesting conversation just moments after Stefan's big Salem debut. The pair talked about his big introduction at the New Year's Eve party, and Stefan even asked Chloe if she was single.

Chloe revealed that she was unattached, but that she was busy focusing on her son, Parker, as well as her new business at Doug's Place, where she is part owner with Julie Williams. While Lucas is a safe, and maybe even boring, option for Chloe, Stefan would be dangerous and exciting. In the past, Chloe has seemingly liked dangerous men like Deimos, Brady, and Phillip, but only time will tell if Chloe's about to get a boost in the love department.