"Counting On" Josiah Duggar is officially courting old family friend Lauren Swanson. The 18-year-old is the eldest child of eight in her family.

The Duggar Family officially and exclusively released the news to People. Dating a star from the popular "19 Kids and Counting" family is no big deal for her. She actually did appear in one of the episodes.

Josiah Duggar is 'overjoyed' be courting

People quoted Josiah Duggar as saying that they are "overjoyed" about their new relationship and they are excited about the chance to "begin this new phase" in their lives.

Of course, they have known each other for ages, but Josiah points out that this is a good thing as they have gotten to know each other "as friends." Josiah is very grateful that he has a friend in his new girlfriend and that it is more than he could have "hoped for or imagined.”

He also said that his new girlfriend has a "Christlike character," and never misses an opportunity to help, be there for people in need, and encourage them. She reads them scriptures or will sit with them, or pray with them.

The Duggar family just returned from New Zealand and Australia

As fans know, the Duggars recently went to New Zealand and Australia, except for Derick and Jill Dillard. The family attended the Institute in Basic Life Principles conferences.

It seems that Lauren was also with them on their travels.

No doubt when "Counting On" returns in February, we can expect to hear more about this new relationship. Josiah has dated before. In 2016 he and Marjorie Jackson broke up after dating for four months, People wrote in their article.

Lauren will already know the rules and expectations of marrying or dating a Duggar

Newsweek pointed out that dating and courting are not quite the same things and that 'Courting' is "one part of the Quiverfull movement, an evangelical Christian system of beliefs."

Lauren is obviously well-versed in the ways of the Quiverfull church so she won't be surprised at the strict rules for women in the sect that intends to '"out-populate Muslims," avoid secular art and culture and redefine women as subservient to men.


If Josiah and Lauren stay together through their courting period, they will end up getting married and having babies. Women are not allowed to deny their husbands any sexual relationships once they get married and the Duggar girls all follow the practice of getting pregnant as fast as possible.

Any day now, we can expect Joy-Anna's baby to come along, and Jinger Duggar will have her first baby with Jeremy Vuolo in about another six months.