Just over a week ago, Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus announced their break up. News that Kailyn Lowry's ex-husband already called it quits was shocking, especially since she was denying the breakup rumors just a few short weeks before. It doesn't look like their split was ugly though and clearly, Bri and Javi are still close. So close that one of those decisions that he has to make just might be whether or not to take Briana back.

'Teen Mom 2' fans try to figure out what Javi is talking about

The speculation started when Javi Marroquin tweeted, "Damn a lot of decisions to be made." He didn't elaborate on what decisions but that didn't stop his fans from trying to figure it all out.

Several comments centered around the same theme, getting back together with Kailyn Lowry.

Even though Javi and Kail decided to end their marriage and work on co-parenting instead, it seems that many "Teen Mom 2" fans continue to hope that Javi and Kail will get back together. Of course, there were plenty of fans who countered that hope with reminders of why they are split up in the first place. Sorry, Javi and Kail shippers, this probably isn't what he's talking about. Javi did recently prove just how supportive he is of his ex-wife when he posted about how proud he was that she opted not to get more plastic surgery, choosing to use diet and exercise to get her body back the way she wants it to look instead.

Whatever it is, Briana DeJesus has Javi's back

Briana DeJesus saw Javi's tweet and must have known what it was all about. She retweeted it and wrote, "You will be ok" with four kissy face emojis following her message. That alone is proof that Javi and Briana are not only still in contact but that their breakup wasn't ugly.

Could it also mean that they're getting back together?

That would be a big decision for Javi, who made it clear that he wants to settle down and be married again.

Another possible, if not probable answer to this "Teen Mom 2" mystery is that Javi is facing another deployment. Back in December, he told Radar online that a second deployment may be on the horizon. Thinking of his 4-year old son Lincoln, Javi was hesitant about being away for so long.

With rumors flying about both Javi Marroquin possibly being sent overseas with the Air Force again and rumors that he may be getting back together with Briana DeJesus, maybe he meant both. He clearly isn't reuniting with Kailyn Lowry again and even discussed why not recently on her podcast.