It seems like Jenelle Evans pregnancy rumors are pretty common. The "Teen Mom 2" star already has three children and fans have been speculating about another baby on the way since last summer. Obviously, if the initial pregnancy rumors panned out, Jenelle would be nearing the end of a pregnancy by now. However, we're all back to square one right now as Jenelle's latest photo makes it look like she may have an announcement to make, rather than a birth to prepare for right away.

What photo sparked the rumor?

For Ensley's first birthday, Jenelle Evans and David Eason posed next to their baby girl as they celebrated her first birthday.

With Ensley stuffing her mouth with smash cake, fans couldn't help but check out Jenelle's belly in the pictures and some thought it was looking suspiciously bigger than normal.

Of course, there are a lot of ways to explain that little pooch and only one answer is pregnancy. It could just be that Jenelle slacked off on her cardio and went heavy on the dessert while celebrating with her family. Sometimes a big lunch will make a person as small as Jenelle look like they might be ready to leave the first trimester, if only temporary.

However, this is Jenelle Evans that we're talking about. With three children already and a recent marriage to David Eason, would it really be that shocking if they decided to have another child?

Don't be too surprised if the "Teen Mom 2" star does make another pregnancy announcement in the near future, whether she's actually pregnant right now or not.

Is Jenelle's 'baby bump' a medical issue?

Previously, Jenelle Evans has denied that she was sporting a baby bump and even claimed that her belly is due to a medical issue she's been dealing with.

The "Teen Mom 2" star revealed recently that she had surgery to repair a hernia according to The Stir. Is it possible that she's still dealing with bloating as she recovers?

More proof that Jenelle likely isn't pregnant is tied to another photo she posted on Instagram recently. In an advertisement for those Shake It Baby weight loss shakes so many reality stars seem to be selling, Jenelle has a smooth stomach and doesn't look pregnant at all.

If that is a recent photo, then it might even prove that Jenelle's "baby bump" was actually a food baby and not the real deal.

As far as getting answers from Jenelle, we probably won't. "Teen Mom 2" viewers still haven't forgotten how long she denied her last pregnancy, filming the MTV series with an obvious baby bump while still denying that she was with child until she just couldn't anymore. In order to find out if Jenelle is expecting baby number four, all fans can do is wait it out.