On Tuesday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" two marriages were affected by startling revelations of truth. Liam, finding the paternity test sticking out of Steffy's pocketbook, confronts her. She tries to put him off, but he is adamant that she come clean. Liam believes his wife has bedded his brother Wyatt and is shocked when she confesses that she actually cheated on him with his father Dollar Bill. Meanwhile, Nicole is talking to Rick about keeping the romance in his marriage to Maya. As she is suggesting that her sister and brother in law fly back to Paris with her Carter is making a startling admission to his former girlfriend.

He admits he has been thinking about their time together and would like another chance.

Liam's world is turned upside down

Steffy tries to redirect her spouse by saying that all that matters is that the child she is carrying is his. Liam says he cannot ignore that she slept with someone else and thought they may be her baby daddy. He wrongly assumes the culprit is his brother and Steffy tells him it is not Wyatt, She insists the name is not important but her husband says he has a right to know. Eventually, through tears, she tells him that the man she slept with was his father Bill.

Liam's world has now been turned upside down and to make matters worse, spoilers indicate that at a later date Steffy may find out that Bill is indeed the father of her child.

As she and Liam are talking, her father-in-law is confessing to Justin that he has deep feelings for his son's wife but will bow out and let them raise their child in peace. Should Dollar Bill find out that he indeed is the father he will most likely want Steffy in his life.

Maya is blindsided by Carter

Nicole is making plans to return to Paris to be with Zende and has a heart to heart with her brother in law.

She discusses the need to keep the romance going in a marriage and suggests that Rick and her sister fly back to France with her. Meanwhile, Maya is blindsided by an admission from Carter that seems to come from out of the blue. He tells her that he senses something is missing in her marriage and he is remembering the good times they used to share.The Forrester legal eagle then admits he would like another chance with his former lover.

Maya stands firm as she tells Carter that her marriage to Rick is solid and there is no chance for them to renew their past relationship. She lets him know that there is a woman out there for him somewhere but it's not her and adds that she will not tell her husband of their conversation. Stay tuned for more episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful" by watching CBS weekday afternoons at 1:30 PM.