Spoiler alerts from Soaps She Knows indicate that the new year is going to bring heartbreak and scandal on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Liam is finally going to learn the truth about his father and his wife and will become enraged. Steffy obviously does not know how to cover her tracks because her spouse will find out that she had a paternity test done. There will be no way around addressing this so Steffy must be going to confess. Liam is going to leave her and go find Dollar Bill. He will be so outraged that he will aggressively confront his father and threaten that he is going to make Bill pay for what he has done.

Steffy is in the hot seat

Steffy is not sure whether her husband or her father-in-law is her baby daddy so she had a paternity test done. The results indicate that Liam is the father and Bill was told immediately. Spoilers don't say how it happens, but, within the first week of the new year, Liam is going to find out. Steffy may have inadvertently left the results lying around or someone could have been listening as she talked to Dollar Bill. However, it happened, and Ms. Forrester/Spencer is in the hot seat.

Once Liam confronts his wife there will be no wiggle room so the entire truth must be told. It's one thing to have your spouse commit adultery but for her lover to be your own father is a bit much.

This betrayal will send Liam over the edge and he is going to walk out on the love of his life who will be devastated at the turn her life has taken. Liam only kissed Sally twice but Steffy has done the unthinkable and actually gone to bed with his father.

Liam goes after Dollar Bill

Soaps She Knows says that Liam will be shocked by what has transpired and he decides to go after his dear old dad by telling Dollar Bill that he is going to pay the price.

Bill sleeping with his son's wife is a big scandal and there will be no way now to keep it under wraps. Spoilers do not indicate how Liam will make his father pay, and, at this point, he probably does not have any idea regarding what he will do.

The shock of his wife betraying him with his dad is truly going to break Liam's heart and cause pain for Brooke and Ridge as well.

The entire Forrester/Logan clan will be troubled at this turn of events. If additional spoilers are correct it's only going to get worse because Steffy may find out down the road that Dollar Bill is the father of her unborn child.

Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM for more episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful." It looks like the New Year is going to be very eventful for these LA residents so make sure you don't miss an episode.