Spoiler alerts from Soaps She Knows say that Hope Logan will return to "The Bold and the Beautiful" on January 8. This time around, she will be portrayed by actress Annika Noelle. The daughter of Brooke and Deacon Sharpe had previously been involved in a love triangle involving Steyy, Wyatt, and Liam. No details have yet emerged indicating where Hope will fit when she comes back to town. There have been numerous changes for the Forrester/Logan families since Hope went to Paris. She will be coming home to several shocking events that could set the stage for Ms.

Logan to be back in her lover's arms once more.

Hope returns to 'B&B' in the nick of time

Annika Noelle will be taking over the role of the well-beloved "B&B" character the second week in January and Hope will be returning to L.A. just in time to for several riveting storylines. Her father Deacon is in jail and her mom Brooke has dumped Bill and is once again engaged to Ridge. The biggest news will be that her former lover Liam is about to find out that his current wife Steffy cheated on him with his own father. Spoilers indicate that down the road it's possible that Dollar Bill could be named as Steffy's baby daddy.

If this turns out to be true, then Liam will surely need a shoulder to cry on.

Earlier spoiler alerts said Sally would find out about Steffy and Bill's secret, but now she has not even been on screen for quite a while. It's possible the Spectra clan may be out and the "B&B" writers may have written Hope back into the storyline just for the purpose of having Liam running back and forth between herself and Steffy, as he has done for years.

Hope's presence will shake things up

Since Hope departed L.A., Quinn has married Eric, while Thorne, Shelia Carter, and her aunt Donna have all returned and a new generation of Spectra's are in the landscape. Brooke, as usual, is stuck between Ridge and Bill, yet again, and Deacon was carted off to prison and nothing has been heard from him since.

There is no indication how Ms. Logan will fit into the current scheme of things, but her presence will definitely shake things up in L.A.

Spoilers don't indicate what storyline Brooke and Deacon's daughter will be a part of, so she may be coming home for reasons that are totally unrelated to Liam and Steffy. On January 8, fans can begin figuring it out for themselves. Stay tuned to "The Bold and The Beautiful" weekday afternoons at 1:30 PM on CBS to find out how Annika Noelle will make the role of Hope Logan her own.