Another “16 and pregnant” star is pregnant. Fans may remember Markai Durham from an especially controversial episode of the show. While her initial episode aired without fault, MTV did a follow up on Durham because of a special circumstance. Shortly after Markai's episode aired, it was revealed she was pregnant once again. Instead of following through on the pregnancy, she ended up having an abortion. That special was only aired once because it was deemed too controversial as it followed her throughout the process.

Markai announces second pregnancy

After delivering her daughter and having an abortion, Markai Durham realized she was not ready to have another baby. She was working on things with her daughter's father, James. While the two didn't last, he is still prominent in his daughter's life. According to OK! Magazine, Markai Durham is pregnant with her second child. She made the announcement on social media after weeks of teasing her followers. This will officially be her second child, though she had previously hinted she was pregnant between the abortion and now. Durham has not referenced that again, and speculation is she may have had a miscarriage.

Currently, Markai Durham lives and works in Florida.

There is very little information about her new baby daddy. In fact, most of the photos shared by the former reality star are of herself and her daughter. She appears to be leading a normal life after all of the “16 and Pregnant” fame that came from MTV. Markai has previously admitted regretting the decision to have an abortion.

While she felt like it was the best thing at the time, looking back has caused a lot of emotions. Durham is now 26-years-old and getting ready to welcome a second child.

What's next?

Fans have been wondering whether or not MTV will do an update special with Markai Durham being pregnant again. She was a face many remembered, especially from the abortion episode.

As of now, there has been no confirmation of talks between Markai and the network, but that doesn't mean they haven't reached out. A lot of the girls were cut when MTV decided to move on to “Teen Mom,” and a special to see where they are now would be beneficial. There are so many updates, and now, Durham has a big one of her own.

There have been plenty of congratulatory messages sent to Markai Durham on social media since she announced the news. The “16 and Pregnant” girls sure know how to continue making headlines, even after being out of the spotlight for several years.