The latest updates and spoilers for "X-Men: dark phoenix" reveal the mutant island of Genosha will be featured in the sequel's storyline. Cast member Michael Fassbender told Entertainment Weekly (via Screenrant) that Magneto will create Genosha as a safe haven for mutants from the harsh cruel world.

X-Men film producer and director Simon Kinberg talks about the growing relationship between Jean Grey and Scott Summers in the film, and how Jean's powers will test their love for one another.

What is Genosha?

In the Marvel comics, Genosha is a man-made island created to enslave captured mutants for labor.

The mutants were rescued by the X-Men and they toppled its corrupt government. Magneto took control of the island and transformed it into an independent nation for mutantkind.

The film's version of the Genosha will be a safe haven for mutants who are not accepted by the general public and they live their lives in harmony.

"He's set up this place for mutants that don't have a home to go to," Michael Fassbender said. "They have to work as a community, but it's a safe haven for them and they'll be accepted."

Magneto in the sequel will be viewed as some sort of messiah and he is being worshipped by a mutant faction known as the Acolytes. Fassbender told the production crew that his costume should feature cult-like references in order to feel the role.

Jean and Scott's relationship

The sequel's director Simon Kinberg shared his thoughts about Cyclops and Jean Grey's relationship in the story as he told EW that their romance is the central and crucial part of the film. Scott Summer's willingness to save Jean at all cost will bring a huge emotional core to the movie.

The plot of "Dark Phoenix" will feature the X-Men as national heroes after they defeated Apocalypse and save the world.

Professor Charles Xavier took pride in their success and begun accepting missions that are far too dangerous to handle. The team took a mission to outer space, but X-Jet caught a solar flare that triggered Jean's transformation into the Phoenix.

Jean's growing new power became a huge threat to his friends and the world as the latter feels that the Phoenix Force will take over her mind and body.

The X-Men will have no choice but to stop Jean by all means necessary to ensure the survival of the world.

The films also teased a possible death of a major character at the hands of Jean Grey, as a photo of a funeral scene featured Professor X and three X-Men members, mourning over someone's grave.