On "The Young and the Restless," Scott moved in with Sharon without telling her he slept with Abby. When "Scabby" later kissed in front of Crimson Lights, they were unaware that Faith was watching. The little girl confided in Mariah, who warned Scott not to hurt her mother. Victoria, who was paying attention to their body language a few weeks ago, has given the couple an assignment at Newman, which has them working closely together. Vicky clearly suspects something and is testing the waters with her sibling and Mr. Granger. Spoiler alerts from Celeb Dirty laundry indicate that it's only a matter of time before round two takes place with Abby and Scott.

Scott and Abby are playing with fire

Last week, Scott apologized to Abby and tried to convince her he is committed to his relationship with Sharon. The problem is that neither of them can get over the night they spent in the storage unit. Spoilers suggest that someone will eventually find out what they did that night and that the truth may get back to Sharon. Earlier spoiler alerts teased Abby may be pregnant, but she told Mr. Granger he did not have to worry because she was on birth control. If she is expecting, this would be one way the truth could be revealed.

No matter how it happens, Scott and Abby are playing with fire and a number of people are about to be burned. Faith and Mariah already know that "Scabby" has kissed and Victoria is suspicious of them.

She probably asked the duo to work together in order to find out just how close they have become. Vicky is seeking payback because of how things went down about Zack and the dating app.

Victoria may be setting her sister up

Spoilers indicate that Mariah may tell her mother what she knows, but Victoria may be more likely to reveal the truth.

Vicky may be setting her sister up so that she can look good in the eyes of Victor. She is back in her ice princess mode and may decide to tell Sharon and watch everything hit the fan. Abby even told Scott she think's her sister has an ulterior motive for having them work together but he does not agree.

When, where, and how the truth is revealed is not yet known, but fans realize that it will happen and several lives will be adversely affected.

Scott and Abby react in the moment, so someone else could catch them kissing or worse. Stay tuned for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless" by watching weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM. New head writer Mal Young says there are surprises to come, so stay tuned.