jax taylor and Brittany Cartwright just re-lived the worst moment of their relationship when Jax’s cheating scandal was aired to millions of "Vanderpump Rules" viewers last week. Last night, Jax confessed to cheating on Brittany with Faith Stowers and fans were shocked at his admittance of guilt.

Normally, it would take Jax a whole season before confessing to his mistake, but this time around he stepped up to the plate. What viewers may not understand is this scandal took place over six months ago, and the couple has entirely moved on since then.

Jax and Brittany renovate their apartment

Jax took to Twitter today to let his followers know that he and Brittany were re-doing their entire apartment. According to the reality star, he and Brittany hit a “roadblock” when trying to decide on their drapes. The couple has spent time researching and has come up short.

Jax asked his followers if they had any suggestions, or could recommend a good custom drapery business in the Los Angeles area. The apartment, which is located in the same building as co-stars Katie Maloney Schwartz and Tom Schwartz, is routinely featured on "Vanderpump Rules" and is one of the cast’s better-kept apartments.

Fans continue to support Jax and Brittany

Some Twitter users followed Jax’s prompt and suggested places to go regarding curtains and drapes in the Los Angeles area.

In the comment section, others applauded the couple for staying together and praised Jax for referring to their place as “our” apartment.

However, when there’s praise there’s usually a dig or two. Another commenter noted that Jax does a majority of the work and pays for everything, while Brittany does nothing but sit on the couch.

It looks like Brittany might be the breadwinner as seen in Season 6 promos for "Vanderpump Rules." Jax might be handing in his resignation to boss Lisa Vanderpump.

Brittany takes another route on social media

While Jax was asking for redecoration advice this morning, Brittany was shutting down the haters on her Twitter feed. The SUR waitress encouraged her followers to “spread love, not hate,” as she has unfortunately been flooded with negativity since last night's episode.

Brittany admitted to having a slip-up and told co-workers Scheana Shay and Ariana Madix, that she slept with Jax after he confessed to cheating on her. “So many people are quick to judge until you’re the one going through it,” she shared with her 81,000 followers.

Vanderpump Rules airs every Monday night on Bravo.