Millie Bobby Brown has recently visited "Down Under" – meaning Australia, and not the "Upside Down" for a change. However, on her way back home, the "Stranger Things" actress stopped over in Bali. The volcano on the Indonesian island erupted four days ago, spewing ash into the air, and forcing the airport to close. This means Brown is stranded in Bali, but it doesn’t sound like she was too worried about it as she has turned the experience into an enjoyable vacation.

Millie Bobby Brown stranded after visit 'Down Under'

As reported by ABC News, Brown, 13, recently shared images of her unexpectedly extended stopover in Bali to her Instagram account, to explain to her fans why what was supposed to be a four-day getaway, ended up being a ten-day stay instead.

She explained in one post that she had been visiting Bali after a journey through Australia and was stuck there due to the eruption of the volcano. She went on to thank the staff at the Mulia Bali luxury resort for taking good care of her and her party during their extended stay. Brown also went on to thank the Balinese people in general, saying they are the “sweetest, kindest and most humble people” she has ever met.

On a more serious note, the "Stranger Things" star sent her thoughts and prayers to the people of Bali who have been affected by the volcano eruption, adding that she truly hopes everyone stays safe and sending her love to them all. It looks like Brown had a relaxing time in Bali, as the image above shows her meditating in the garden of the luxury resort.

Thousands left stranded by Bali volcano eruption

As reported by People, since Mt. Agung erupted four days ago, thousands of visitors have been left stranded. Some airlines did manage to make a few evacuation flights on Wednesday when conditions changed a little, but since then the ash cloud is back over the airport, canceling many planned rescue flights.

Meanwhile, officials in Bali ordered the evacuation of some 100,000 people out of the exclusion zone caused by the eruption, which spreads for over six miles from the volcano’s crater.

In the meanwhile, People interviewed one of Brown’s friends on Thursday, who has been in touch with the “Stranger Things” actress during her extended stay in Bali.

They spoke to seven-year-old Brooklyn Prince of “The Florida Project,” who told them she considers Brown to be her “best friend” as well as her “favorite Facetime person.” Prince went on to say she just loves Brown. Prince and Brown reportedly originally met at the Cannes Film Festival where Brown gave the new young actress some valuable interview tips.

One of the tips Brown gave was when you are thinking about how to answer a question, repeat the question first, to give yourself time to think about what to say next. She gave the example of if she was asked her favorite part of a movie, she should start by saying, “My favorite part was” and then build the answer from there.