After news broke that the FBI had obtained a warrant to search the email address of David Clarke, the controversial former Milwaukee Sheriff attacked the media for allegedly spreading "fake news." After his tirade on Twitter went viral, actor Alec Baldwin decided to give his thoughts.

Baldwin on Clarke

Heading into the weekend, one story that got brief mention on cable news was the search warrant executed by the FBI against David Clarke, the former Milwaukee sheriff who had been accused of abuse of power. This past February Clarke was sued by a man named Dan Black who accused Clarke of abusive treatment after being taking into custody following a plane ride.

The FBI searched Clarke's email but ultimately dropped the case citing a lack of evidence. Once the news was reported this week, Clarke condemned the reports before threatening the media in a series of aggressive Twitter posts, which included a photoshopped image of himself and Donald Trump performing a tag team wrestling move on an a wrestler edited as CNN. Clarke's posts quickly went viral and caused instant backlash, including a response from Alec Baldwin during a pair of December 30 tweets from the official Twitter account of his ABFoundation.

Giving his two cents in response to David Clarke's outburst was Alec Baldwin, who recently has been known for playing a satirical version of Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live." With Clarke being a strong defender of the president, it didn't come as a surprise that Baldwin would be at odds with his messaging.

"You talk so tough, 'Sheriff.' Not for long when you get arraigned," Baldwin tweeted out.

In another message, Alec Baldwin didn't hold back his thoughts about David Clarke while throwing some shade at Donald Trump in the process.

"Not gonna complain to Twitter, 'Sheriff,'" Baldwin wrote. "Gonna complain to the voters. You're so fu**ing stupid," he continued, before concluding, "You're only gonna help our cause of MAKE AMERICA AMERICA AGAIN by flushing out fascists like you." This isn't the first time that Baldwin has been critical of Trump and his supporters outside of "SNL," as the veteran actor has been known to attend protests in opposition of the current administration.

Moving forward

As Donald Trump and David Clarke continue to wage a war of words against the majority of the mainstream media, high-profiled critics aren't showing any signs of letting up. While Alec Baldwin is speaking out on social media, he's expected to return in front of the camera as a mock version of the president when "Saturday Night Live" returns in the new year.