The crew at Netflix rolled into Port Chester, New York; filming a new series called, "R3." The film set impacted traffic, as parts of Main Street and Willett Avenue were cornered off during filming on December 6 and 7.

Hollywood meets Port Chester

The actors were dressed in police tactical gear and were equipped with weapons where gunshots were fired. Special effects and a burning car flipping over set the tone for the series. The Port Chester Police were on duty, keeping the crew and everyone else safe during the production. They informed the motorists and pedestrians not to be alarmed during the filming because it was not a real-life emergency situation.

It was only actors dressed in costumes playing their roles in the Netflix series.

Netflix is no stranger to films shoots here. They are attracted to Westchester. In 2016, Yonkers, New York was the star location of another series called, "Show Me A Hero." It was shot at the courthouse and outside a co-op there. Another project was also shot there last Winter.

The Port Chester Police chief says that the village serving as a backdrop for the new Netflix series is excellent for the town and recognizes it as a prime filming location. People stopped to take photos. The most famous landmark here is The Capitol Theatre on Westchester Avenue. The theater is a hotspot for Celebrities and musicians. They come here all the time!

You just never know who you might meet here! It's very cool that Netflix chose Port Chester. It would be amazing if Nicolas Cage would film a movie here. He has shot scenes for the film, "The Family Man" in Tarrytown. Hear that Nicolas Cage? Come here and visit our village and produce a movie in Port Chester. I would love to meet you and land an extra role in one of your movies and have coffee with you!

I've been an extra in movies several times!

Julia Roberts filming in Mamaroneck

Actress Julia Roberts is also in Westchester filming, "Ben is Back" at the Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club. It seems that Hollywood loves filming here and it shows! Is Westchester becoming a "mini-Hollywood" and Los Angeles is no longer popular for filmmaking?

Mamaroneck is another popular location that Hollywood production companies use as backdrops. Director Ang Lee is a resident of Mamaroneck.

The Westchester County Film Office receives dozens of permit requests from production companies every year. The county continues to serve the film industry and the films help the economy by bringing in revenue annually.