Julia Roberts reportedly had a major fit during a recent flight from Los Angeles to New York City. A fit so shocking that it caught the attention of all the other passengers on board, leaving them shocked by America's Sweetheart's behavior.

Julia Roberts listed on celebrity diva list?

Reports reveal that Roberts went off in a big way, acting very rude and diva-like when things did not go exactly her way. It all started with Julia's request for a pillow and escalated from there. It appears that one of the flight attendants working that day made the huge mistake of giving Julia the wrong type of pillow.

Witnesses on board claim that she was so completely ticked off by the error that she began lashing out at the crew and having one doozy of a temper tantrum. Try as they might, Julia was not to be satisfied by anyone, or anything the crew attempted to do for her to correct the tiny pillow mistake, making for a very uncomfortable flight for all involved.

Next celebrity divorce, Julia Roberts and Danny Moder?

Can we just chalk it up to having a bad day? Well, that may be one possible explanation for Roberts' explosion and poor behavior, however, it is not the first time Julia has been called out publicly for similar actions. Julia has made celebrity news headlines a couple of times concerning some major blowouts with her husband Danny Moder over his alleged infidelities.

It has been speculated for some time that Roberts' marriage to Moder is rocky, to say the least. Previous reports have revealed that Julia has allegedly booted Moder from their marital home and the two have been talking divorce. Pals close to the pair claim that the two are not happy together and are waiting for the right time to end their marriage.

The same insiders also claim that the marital stress is too much for Julia and that she is 'not the same person' because of it. Do you believe that Julia Roberts is really a nasty, rude celebrity, or was she just having a bad day and her temper got away from her? Either way, do not bring Julia Roberts the wrong pillow, or the "Pretty Woman" will lose her cool!