Melanie Martinez was accused on Twitter by a friend of Rape. Variety reported that following the public tweet by "Timothy Heller, herself an aspiring musician," where she alleged that Martinez persisted in wanting sex despite her saying "no" multiple times, that Twitter erupted.

The string of four tweets were shared thousands of times in a matter of hours. Fans of the singer are a bit divided about condemning Martinez straight up as nothing is proven, but the bulk of the tweets have been very negative. Many people destroyed Martinez on Twitter.

Melanie raped me tweets

The tweets by Heller were long and involved, but they tell a story that shocked the muso's fans to the core. The victim alleges that at the time she could not get her head around being raped. "While it completely messed with my head, there was no way I could have been RAPED by my best friend....right?"

Although she ended by saying she didn't know how to end the story, she found a way and later tweeted, "I think it’s important for you all to know this is about Melanie Martinez."

Twitter destroys Martinez as shock and disgust take over

The disgust was apparent and one example was tweeted by Lacci, who posted, "Imagine being accused of raping your best friend and your response is "she never said no".

Melanie Martinez is disgusting.

Then there are those who are saddened as well as shocked. "horribly sad about melanie martinez, i really loved her music. humans are truly so disappointing," tweeted one person.

In a similar vein, another wrote, "Melanie Martinez. I'm shocked. I'm so disappointed. I don't even know what to say."

The hardest hitting tweets

The hardest hitting tweets aimed at Melanie with little remorse or sadness, but with anger.

The trolls and haters had a field day.

"I am absolutely disgusted that I ever considered myself a ‘fan’ of Melanie Martinez. I will not support a rapist," said one post.

Another tweet compared Martinez to Weinstein and Spacey, saying there is no difference between them and the young singer.

A few people tried to defend Melanie and demand proof first, before they slammed her, but a lot of people felt like the person who tweeted this: "Melanie Martinez has raped someone and if y’all still defend her then you are dumb as hell.Why should we treat her differently than any other sex offender?The girl did not give her consent and told her off, yet she still touched her in an inappropriate way, which makes her a rapist."

Anger was very evident, especially as Melanie Martinez does not seem particularly fazed about it all.

Her excuse has not gone down well. This tweet sums that up,"I can’t believe melanie martinez just attempted to defend herself saying “she didn’t say no” ...?"

Tweets are flying thick and fast as Melanie is getting destroyed on Twitter. Not too many people are happy with the story that shocked so many disappointed fans.