On Thursday night, Donald Trump came under fire after mocking Global warming in a late-night tweet. As expected, backlash quickly followed, including from a cast member of the hit MTV show "Jersey Shore."

Vinny on Trump

Back in 2009, reality TV was all the rage. Whether it was on broadcast television or on cable, Americans were watching reality shows in record numbers. On NBC, the top rated program was "The Apprentice" hosted by current President Donald Trump. It was due to "The Apprentice" that Trump was able to stay relevant and in the headlines which helped him ride his popularity to a presidential campaign.

Over on MTV, the show "Jersey Shore" was the hottest program among millennials, as they watched a cast of early 20-somethings engage in drinking, dancing, and party on the shore in New Jersey. Along with Mike "The Situation," "J-Wow," "Snooki," "Pauli-D," Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, and Sammie "Sweetheart," the show also included Vinny Guadagnino, the youngest of the crew. While the show was stereotyped for its loud personalities, Guadagnino graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a 3.9 GPA and worked as a political aide for a New York State Assemblyman. Due to this, it shouldn't have come as a big surprise when Guadagnino decided to educate Trump on his recent remarks on global warming during a December 29 tweet.

On Thursday night, Donald Trump took to Twitter to poke fun at climate change, tweeting that the North East "could use a little bit of that good old Global Warming that our Country" due to the cold front that had moved in.

In response, Vinny from the "Jersey Shore" hit back.

"I think climate change is more complex than global warming will make it hotter," Vinny Guadagnino tweeted back.

"It has to do with disruptions of atmospheric conditions, ocean patterns, jet streams and sh*t like that," he added.

Double down

After sending out his tweet, Vinny Guadagnino addressed those who mocked his apparent knowledge on the subject simply because he was on a reality show. "Per my last tweet about global warming and ppl saying it’s bad when someone from 'Jersey shore' educates the president etc," he asked. "I get the joke but why does having a summer shore house automatically make u stupid?" Guadagnino asked, while wondering, "No smart ppl ever partied with friends on weekends?" The "Jersey Shore" ended its run in 2012, but will return in the form of "Jersey Shore: Family Reunion" in 2018 with nearly all of the original cast returning.