August Ames committed suicide in her home, with the Adult Film Star reportedly succumbing to online bullying after controversial remarks she made about a gay actor. A report by Hollywood Life presented most of the facts used in this article.

The 23-year-old actress was found dead in her California home on Tuesday (Dec. 5), though the news spread on Wednesday (Dec. 6). The Canadian actress was known for her work in Adult Movies and had a large following online, but recently had come under attack after posting what many saw as controversial comments about working with a gay actor.

Last week, August Ames vented her frustrations on Twitter about being booked to work with a man who worked in gay adult movies, which she saw as a risk. But many fans took her response as homophobic, and many lashed out at the actress, whose real name was Mercedes Grabowski.

Adult star hanged herself

While there is not yet an official word on how August Ames died, friends said soon after the news was released that they believe she took her own life. Some close to Ames said she had been suffering from depression and reportedly cracked under the cyberbullying she came under after her controversial remarks. The Ventura County Medical Examiner's office told the celebrity news website Hollywood Life that Ames died from asphyxia due to hanging.

Brother lashes out online

The brother of August Ames took his frustrations online after her suicide, writing a heart-wrenching Facebook message calling out those who had bullied her.

“Bullying is not a joke," James Grabowski wrote on his Facebook page. "It took my sister’s life and I can’t get her back. This pain I feel cause people couldn’t keep their opinions to themselves is unbearable, although I have nothing but hate for each and every one of you people who drove her to this I still do not wish this pain on you.

This has forever changed me and who I am as a person."

After her statement last week, August Ames was inundated with a number of angry tweets, and engaged in spats with some of the people who called her out. Ames said her issues were more a safety concern given the health issues of the industry, not that she is homophobic.

Many others in the adult film industry have written messages remembering the 23-year-old actress and calling out those who bullied her in her final days.

Others defended her against fans who made light of her death and her profession, noting that she was a loving and kind person.

Authorities have still not released an official cause of death for August Ames, and results of a toxicology test are reportedly still pending as well.