It has not been very a good few weeks for Jill Duggar’s husband, Derick Dillard. First of all, Dillard has been fired from the TLC Duggar family reality television show “Counting On.” The reason he was fired was that he made a few transphobic comments towards fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings who stars in her own show entitled “I Am Jazz.” After losing his job on the show, he can be seen begging for money online to support his missionary education. Now, with Dillard being fired from the show and asking for money online many people have been wondering how much money he is losing from not being on the show.

How much money is Derick Dillard losing from not being on 'Counting On' anymore?

As mentioned above Jill Duggar’s husband Derick Dillard has been fired from his job at TLC, and he can now be seen begging for money online. With him begging for money online after being fired it has made many people wonder how big his paycheck was for the show. Well, it was speculated online back in 2009 that TLC was paying an estimated budget of “$250,000” to “$400,000” per episode which the family would then take ten percent of that budget. This would mean the family would take anywhere from $25,000 to $40,000 per episode and then they would have to split that between the whole family. Now, if you do the calculations that would mean that on the lower end of the budget each Duggar family would be taking home around $1,000.

With each episode taking around 4 days to film that would mean Dillard and his family would be making $1,000 every 4 days and with some of that money gone that is bound to cause financial issues in the family.

Other controversies surrounding Derick Dillard

It is pretty safe to say that Derick Dillard and his wife Jill Duggar are not strangers to controversy.TLC even made a statement regarding Derick's bullying of Jazz Jennings, letting horrified viewers know that Dillard wouldn't be featured on "Counting On" anymore.

However, the transphobic cyberbullying isn't even the first time that Derick has done something controversial.

For example, Derick and his wife were previously accused of trying to scam innocent people out of money online. You see, back when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston he started a fundraising page for himself online. Many people saw this as a member of the Duggar family taking money away from the victims of the hurricane so the website hosting the fundraiser had to shut the fundraiser down as they thought it was also selfish. You can catch up with the rest of the Duggar family on their television show "Counting on."