"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that nicole walker, played by actress Arianne Zucker, is returning to Salem in the very near future. The actress was last seen in Salem in the fall when Nicole decided to call it quits with her boyfriend, Brady Black, and move on to his step-brother, Eric Brady. However, things didn't quite go as planned for Nicole, who was later blackmailed by Brady to leave town with her daughter, Holly.

Home for the holidays

As previously reported, Nicole Walker is now set to return to Salem, and she should bring a ton of drama with her.

Nicole will pop up back in town just in time for the holidays on Dec. 24. Nicole will spend Christmas in Salem, but there will likely be a lot of loose ends for her to tie up while she is in town. First of all, she will have to have it out with Brady. Nicole was forced out of town by Brady when he threatened to use the evidence he had against her to send her to prison for the murder of Deimos Kiriakis. Nicole had no choice but to pack her bags and leave Salem with baby Holly. However, now that she's returning home for the holidays, she'll be forced to come face to face with Brady, and many "Days of our Lives" viewers are hoping they can work out their issues in the brief time that she's back in Salem.

Nicole to face Brady and Eric?

In addition to her relationship with Brady, Nicole could also come face to face with Eric. Nicole left Eric in tears at his farm house after telling him that she loved him, and then hours later revealing that their relationship could never work. Eric was devastated when Nicole left Salem with Holly, and his relationship with Brady has also been strained.

The brothers have even gotten into physical altercations over the situation with Nicole. Perhaps "Days Of Our Lives" viewers will see her arrival back in Salem help the two brothers move on and even patch up their relationship with one another.

Nicole's new life

Many "Days of our Lives" fans are also hoping that they will get to find out what Nicole has been up to since she left Salem.

Viewers want to know where she and Holly have been living, and what she has been doing for work since leaving town due to Brady's ultimatum. Could Nicole have found a better life for herself and Holly away from the drama of Salem, and if so, will she also come home with the news that she's found a new man?

Fans will have to tune in to "Days of our Lives" this holiday season to see how Nicole Walker's return plays out. "DOOL" airs weekday afternoons on NBC.