Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have kept away from the public eye and off social media for nearly six months and their fans were curious to know why the two sisters suddenly became MIA (Missing in Action). In case you're a "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" fan as much as I am, then you may have heard rumors that Khloe and Kylie are both pregnant. No one knew for certain why the two sisters abruptly stopped making public appearances. And the paparazzi appeared to be in a frenzy trying to catch a glimpse of the Kardashian-Jenner dolls. Well, you can stop wondering and finally put your mind at ease, because the rumors are true.

Pregnant Khloe finally went public and used social media websites to blast an emotional message to her fans. I think Khloe is rocking it by reporting that she is pregnant. This is exciting news and I can hardly wait to discover when my favorite Kardashian doll is expected to deliver her baby.

Khloe and Tristan Thompson baby news

Khloe Kardashian's boyfriend Tristan Thompson is the father of their unborn baby and the couple is giddy about the news. The couple spends a lot of time together in Cleveland, Ohio because Tristan plays professional basketball for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Khloe is so devoted to Tristan and made a difficult decision to leave her Los Angeles home and move in with him. Khloe seemed to have vanished from the public eye and no one could figure out why she went into hiding.

Then gossipy news stories began to surface that Khloe is pregnant. The E! network kept reporters and paparazzi crews busy by keeping them on the lookout for a glimpse of Khloe. After nearly six months Khloe finally broke her silence and announced to her fans that she is expecting a baby. Last week, Khloe was seen at LAX airport wearing an oversized fur coat and she proudly showed off her baby bump to the paparazzi.

According to TMZ and their sources, Khloe proudly flaunted her baby bump and paparazzi reporters quickly snapped up as many photographs as they could of Khloe before she entered a waiting vehicle and drove off. Khloe announced her pregnancy news to her fans on Snapchat and Instagram. Khloe also thanked Tristan for making her a mommy.

Khloe is one of my favorite reality TV stars and I secretly hope she has a baby boy. Furthermore, I can't resist thinking about whether Khloe and Tristan will get hitched before their baby is born. Khloe sparked a lot of rumors after announcing she is six months pregnant, and her fans can't resist seeing an enormous ring on her wedding finger. Before Khloe arrived in Los Angeles last week, she and Tristan appeared to be inseparable. I am curious to know when the fun-loving couple will announce their wedding plans.

Kylie Jenner remains silent about her baby bump

Khloe has joyously opened up to fans about her pregnancy news, but Kylie hasn’t publicly revealed that she is pregnant. Curious fans are wondering why Kylie continues to remain silent about having a baby with her boyfriend, rapper-singer Travis Scott.

Numerous bits of gossip about Travis are rapidly spreading while he is away on tours. In November, a source told InTouch magazine that Travis is unfaithful to Kylie and in love with someone else. Then there were talks about Travis spending most of his free time in nightclubs partying with strippers. Recently, BET sources reported Kylie dumped Travis, yet this most recent piece of talk about the couple’s rocky relationship hasn’t been confirmed by Kylie or Travis. What's more, Kylie’s ex-boyfriend, rapper-singer Tyga wants her back. Earlier this year, Kylie and Tyga decided to call it quits after dating for about two years.

After the couple’s relationship ended, Kylie began palling around with Travis.

Then several months later, fans were stunned to hear gossipy tidbits about Kylie and Travis having a baby together. When Tyga heard the news about Kylie's pregnancy, he thought Kylie was having his baby. Tyga also wants Kylie to take a paternity test. I can't help feeling worried about Kylie's psychological well-being after I heard this controversial news. Kylie is a successful businesswoman and without a doubt a diva and a role-model. After Kylie and Tyga ended their relationship, I never envisioned that she would be caught up in a love triangle. I believe, therefore, curious fans want to know whether Kylie's past love interest Tyga will return back to her life and help take care of her unborn child.

Or then again, will Kylie bring up her tyke alone as a single parent and continue dating until she finds true love and a devoted mate. These are some tough decisions that the Jenner doll should make about her future. God bless Khloe and Kylie for their wonderful internal qualities and taking on the challenge of motherhood.