Donald Trump has continued to claim that his presidency is the reason that the phrase "Merry Christmas" is being used by Americans despite it never being banned in the first place. After making comments on the issue once again on Christmas Eve, the opposition was out in full force.

Trump on Christmas

In recent years during the holidays, conservatives and the right-wing media have brought up up the conspiracy that liberals are trying to engage in a "War on Christmas." This agenda stems from many using the phrase "Happy Holidays" as a way to feel more inclusive to those who celebrate in other ways outside of Christmas to end the year.

While there's no proof that the term "Merry Christmas" was ever under attack or risked being "banned" despite the rhetoric from some on the far right, Donald Trump made it a go-to talking point to his supporters. Since his election win, Trump insisted on bringing up the issue during speeches, interviews and select social media posts, while making sure to use the phrase "Merry Christmas" as often as possible. As seen on his Twitter account on December 24, the president was back at it again with his Christmas message.

In a tweet sent out on Christmas Eve, Donald Trump decided to give himself credit for stopping the alleged "assault" on the use of "Merry Christmas." "People are proud to be saying Merry Christmas again," Trump tweeted out.

Doubling down, Donald Trump made it clear that he was going to pat himself on the back over the issue at hand. "I am proud to have led the charge against the assault of our cherished and beautiful phrase," Trump wrote, while adding, "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!"

Christmas backlash

Just minutes after Donald Trump sent out his tweet, those who have opposed his presidency made sure to hit back with thoughts of their own.

"The only thing you're doing is fostering divisiveness. What a disgusting thing for you to do during a time when we are supposed to be celebrating peace, joy, love & unity," one tweet read.

"Not an expert but pretty sure 5 exclamation points means he yelled this at a Christmas tree in his bedroom alone while watching 5-year-old clips of Fox & Friends interviews with Orly Taitz," a Twitter user wrote.

"Really Donald? We all said it when we @BarackObama was president. Now he was a president!" another tweet added.

"Acting like you were born in a manger. Pipe down, OK," a follow-up tweet noted. "People were saying Merry Christmas long before you became President. It is shameful that you would exploit this for your own gain," yet another social media critic pointed out.