The popular Broadway musical touring company of Jersey Boys just announced the release of Ben Rauch’s song, “Jersey Christmas,” a/k/a “Let’s Have An Old Fashioned Jersey Christmas” (co-lyrics by Gaby Gold), for the “Carols for a Curealbum, which helps to raise money to fight AIDS and other illnesses. Rauch’s catchy song features the Jersey Boys’ cast with their staple melodic pop sound and holiday flavor.

“Jersey Christmas” is a playful musing of what the holiday is like in the “Garden State” of New Jersey—Diner food, peppermint schnapps, hairsprays, train delays, and some very disgruntled Santas.

The double disk album of Carols For A Cure, Volume 19, can be purchased on the “Broadway Cares” website. It also includes other Broadway musicals such as Hamilton, Wicked, School Of Rock, Phantom Of The Opera and many more.

The award-winning music video, “Jersey Christmas” (which was named the Best Music Video in the Golden Door International Film Festival), features the beaches of The Jersey Shore, Asbury Park (with the Stone Pony), and more. The “Jersey Christmas” music video stars Ben Rauch, was directed by Stephen Nachamie (Associate Director of “She Loves Me on Broadway”) and choreographed by veteran Broadway performer, Serena Soffer.

Actor, musician, composer, and singer, Ben Rauch appeared in the “Jersey Boys” movie, which was directed by Clint Eastwood, and he will soon appear alongside Melissa McCarthy in the movie, “Can You Ever Forgive Me,” as well as his recent appearance on the television series, “Mr.

Robot.” He has won songwriting competitions as well.

Recently, Ben granted an exclusive interview where he discussed his experiences working on this Christmas album.

Performing arts, acting, and movies

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you find your passion for the performing arts and how did you break into the New York Broadway scene?

Ben Rauch (BR): I was doing Cookie Monster and Donald Duck voices at two years old for family and friends that came over to our house, and I remember loving the fact that people would laugh. I also was exposed to music through my Grandpa, who was a music teacher and my Mom who did community theatre. I broke into the NY Broadway scene just by auditioning.

Sometimes, when I was just starting out, I would go to two or three open calls a day.

MM: Your sister is also an actress, so why do you think you both gravitated towards the entertainment industry?

BR: My Dad insisted on me not becoming an accountant like him! While some parents would discourage their kids from going into the entertainment business, my Dad was like "You will never be an accountant! Don't even try. Keep counting on your fingers, kid!" I actually never wanted to become an accountant - he just assumes that's what everyone wants to be. Seriously though, we just loved performing, and we didn't want to do anything else.

MM: How did you initially get involved with “Jersey Boys” and what do you most enjoy about the role that you play?

BR: I did a self-tape audition for the movie (recording myself singing and playing piano), and my agent sent it to LA. I forgot about it, and then three weeks later, they called and said you are going to work with Clint Eastwood!

MM: What part of performing do you enjoy most, singing or acting?

BR: It's all the same for me. I can't sing without acting, and I can't act without singing, which can be a problem in a straight play because they are like -- “Please don't sing these lines!” To which I respond, (while singing of course), "Was I doing it again?"

MM: You starred in the “Jersey Boys” movie, so what was that like—especially working with Clint Eastwood?

BR: It was a dream come true! He is a legend, and a lot of people don't know that he is also a serious musician.

He came over at one point when we were shooting, and he was like, “What is the chord for the Chorus? Is this it?” and Clint Eastwood is reaching over my shoulder playing the keyboard in front of me! He has tons of energy and probably has another dozen movies in him!

Singing, entertainment, and fans

MM: What cool experiences has being an actor and singer afforded you?

BR: I get to hear amazing stories about different things that went on during rehearsal processes or runs of shows that the general public doesn't get to hear. I love learning how a specific song in a show didn't make the cut until the last minute. I also love riding around in the biggest limo in NYC (it seats fifteen people) and--wait--I think that was only for my senior prom weekend…

MM: What are some of the coolest or most memorable bits of feedback you’ve gotten from fans?

BR: It went something like this:

Fan: WOW! I can't believe you are this tall in person!

Ben: Thank you so much! I am a whopping 5'4’! And how old are you?

Fan: I'm seven years old!

MM: How do you hope your career in entertainment evolves from here and what is coming up soon?

BR: I want to keep doing what I have been doing on a larger scale, and continue working with talented people and creating new projects. I love the diversity of working in different artistic mediums and growing that way.

I have my debut album coming out early next year called, "Tales From The Turnpike," which I am really excited about, and I'm looking forward to touring my music. I also just played a role on Mr. Robot and have a part in the new Melissa McCarthy movie, "Can You Ever Forgive Me?"