Cort Carpenter is a singer and musician who blends classic country sound with high energy EDM. His biggest hits are "Let Me See Your Koozie," “What Were We Drinking” and “Fire in the Night.” Cort has played to huge audiences of 35,000 people or more and his unique sound has garnered him a huge following on social media. Cort’s success is especially noteworthy as country music fans tend to be slow to embrace change and shun “crossover” styles, yet they have readily embraced Cort’s music.

Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Cort now calls Nashville, Tennessee, home.

Music is in his genes and his brother works as a DJ. Aside from making music, Cort also loves to dance. His music is very popular with young people but, to his surprise and delight, some older fans have professed to enjoy it too. Cort recently discussed his career, the future, and more in an exclusive Interview.

Country music meets EDM

Blasting News (BN): What prompted you to start writing music and singing and why did you gravitate towards country music?

Cort Carpenter (CC): I've always loved music. However, I was an athlete with very little time for music growing up and all through college. With a demanding sports schedule, I always sang along to songs by myself with nobody listening. I loved to imitate voices and country appealed to me.

However, after college, I was in between graduation and finding a job and I started singing locally for fun. I entered some competitions and then it just blew up. Once I moved to Nashville though, that's when things really started happening for me. I always loved to write poems, and once I started singing full time, my songwriting took off.

BN: What are your songs inspired by and what are some of the most interesting themes you have explored musically?

CC: My songs are inspired by what's inside my heart. I'm an emotional guy so it's easy to find things I want to sing about. I love to sing about love and heartache, but also fun stuff people can party to. I have written about koozies, Vegas, and drinking, all which I think are fun.

Occasionally I will get into some more inspirational topics like you can find in one of my newer songs called "Fire In The Night."

BN: When did you become aware of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and would you consider yourself a major fan of the style?

CC: I love to dance and my wife and I love to go and hear DJ's play at festivals, in Vegas clubs etc. My brother is also an EDM/House DJ, so over the past seven years, I have really dug into that style. It's about the beat that gets your body moving. I love it!

BN: When did you decided to fuse country with EDM and was it intimidating to make such a major leap?

CC: In 2016, I released my third EP called "Changing Lanes", which had my new style and vibe.

A couple of songs are inspired by some EDM beats (“Vegas” and “Fire In The Night”), but overall, I think my style is right in there with anyone you hear on country radio today with the exception of a few more traditional-sounding artists. However, I feel my voice is unique and people can differentiate it from other artists who may sound very similar to each-other.

Fans and the future

BN: What kinds of reactions has your country-EDM mix garnered from people of all age groups?

CC: Honestly, it’s been nothing but positive comments back. Any artist will always have haters, however, the response has been impressive. I was nervous at first because I thought people would say "This isn't country", and discredit it, though I think people are evolving and know that everyone has their own sound.

Also, just because I put out a couple songs that are unique and different, that shouldn't overshadow all my other work which may be more in their zone. I'm trying to make music that people can relate to, dance to, and feel all the feels.

BN: How did people's reactions compare and contrast to what you initially believed would happen?

CC: I kind of answered this one above, however, I would say people dug what I did with those EDM/Progressive country tunes and embraced it. Every artist should be different and have their thing, and if you don't care for it, move on. I see a lot of hating on new country music artists because they don't sound "Country". The world continues to evolve and I think any music is great music.

If it makes just one person feel good or feel something inside their heart, it has done its job. Personally, I like all genres of music. I may not love them all the same, but I can respect the work of any artist.

BN: What have been some of the most interesting bits of feedback you've gotten?

CC: Well, my EDM-influenced tracks only make up for two of my last eight songs released, so people have embraced them and honestly, they are two of my most requested original songs when we are playing live. That's the best feedback right there. Check out all my new songs though, and you will see they are that modern country sound which you hear on country radio today.

BN: What is coming up next for you and what advice can you offer to other musical artists who are blending styles?

CC: I'm pushing my sixth year here in Nashville, and I love the opportunities that I continue to get for myself. I'll continue to push out new music frequently and hopefully, the right people at the right time hear me and take a liking to me. At times, I can get very down, however, I try to remember that something big can happen at any given time, so that keeps me trucking along. I take a lot of pride in what I have done here in Nashville without a label, and I know at some point someone will notice that. I'd offer the advice of anyone trying to blend music is to "Go for it!" No matter what, you will have people on your side, or people trying to bring you down. If you love it and that's what's in your heart, do it.

Times are a changing, and the world and music are evolving. Follow your heart, and you can never go wrong.

BN: What's your newest release and what can you tell us about it?

CC: If you love summer, you love the water, and you love to have a good time, I encourage you to get my new song "Sand Bar" which is available on all of your music outlets. It should be on everyone's playlist, country fans, and others. I have yet to find someone who can't have a good time with it so download it!