In these days when the internet is what makes the world of most people go round, Cyberbullying is not an ordinary problem that can be solved easily. As a matter of fact, bullying has now become a disease that kills the spirit, lives, and dreams of its victims as it has also become one of the causes of suicide.

There are actually many reasons why cyberbullying exists. Bullies tend to torment other people as this is a way for them to get attention from other people. Others bully so that they feel are stronger and dominant over the persons being bullied.

Some people do not set out to be bullies, but the NHS says that "even if you're not the one who started the bullying, you become part of it when you laugh at a message that could be hurtful or threatening to someone else or forward it on."

No matter what the reason is, cyberbullying definitely has a huge impact on its victims. Cyberbullying can possibly happen to anyone – from the most influential people in the world to ordinary students who post a picture of themselves on Facebook. Therefore, it is important to note these ways about how to deal with online bullying.

Control who can see your posts online

One good thing about the online world and social media is the fact that users are capable of choosing the audience for their posts and online visibility.

Users also have the option to personalize their security settings online, block users and control the sharing and commenting on posts. Therefore, if you know a person who has a tendency to bully you, keep your posts out of their reach.

Report the bullies

Whatever online platform you are using, always remember that you have the option to report user accounts who commit serious cyberbullying through the administrators of the social media site, the network provider and to other authorities concerned.

Speak up

Fighting against the bullies does not necessarily mean that you are acting exactly just like them. Sometimes, all you need to do is to speak up and stand for yourself to make the bullies realize that you are not weak as they thought you are. Compose yourself and show them that in the game called cyberbullying, the ones who lose are the bullies, not the bullied.

Bear in mind that it is not your fault

Cyberbullying can be too harsh at times. Many people can attest to that. But do not let this affect you emotionally to the extent where you hate yourself. Remember that you are being bullied not because you are the problem, but because the bullies have problems with themselves.

Stay strong

Instead of giving up on yourself because the cyberbullying that you are experiencing is actually nerve-wracking, do not lose hope! Yes, it can be quite unbearable at times, but you need to build your self-esteem and confidence. Do not let cyberbullying affect the way you are. There are better things that you need to be focused on aside from those bullies.

The NHS also advise victims of cyberbullying to not "delete the upsetting emails or messages. Keep the evidence. This will help to identify the bully if the bullying is anonymous. Even people who use a false name or email can be traced."