With allegations of sexual assault and harassment are on the rise against men in power, Donald Trump is no stranger to the situation. In an exclusive report by the New York Post, a former female host on Fox News is accusing the president of making a move during the start of his marriage to the first lady.

Trump accused

Just one month before voters went to the polls on Election Day last year, Donald Trump was hit with an October surprise in the form of the now infamous "Access Hollywood" tape. On the recording, the former host of "The Apprentice" could be heard bragging to then host Billy Bush about using his fame and money to be able to touch women as he pleased, saying, "When you're famous, they let you do it." The video was viewed as so damaging that Trump was forced to make a rare publicly apology, doing so on the internet and across most major news networks.

In the weeks that followed, a dozen women came forward to accuse Trump of various forms of sexual assault and harassment, though none of the claims had much legal traction. As expected, Trump has denied each allegations, but has been dealing with renewed backlash after several celebrities and politicians have been caught up in their own scandal. Reported by the New York Post on December 8, a former Fox News host is coming out with her own story against the president.

According to Page Six of the New York Post on Friday night, Former Fox News anchor and part-time host Juliet Huddy has accused Donald Trump of trying to kiss her in an elevator during the time he was just married to Melania Trump.

During an interview on "Mornin! with Bill Schulz," on Friday, Huddy detailed Trump's attempt at a kiss on her lips.

"He took me for lunch at Trump Tower, just us two," Juliet Huddy said of a lunch date she had with the current president.

"He said goodbye to me in an elevator while his security guy was there, rather than kiss me on the cheek he leaned in to kiss me on the lips," she explained. Huddy noted that she wasn't offended by Trump's attempt at a kiss, and that everything was "copacetic" between the two after the incident, which she said was in either 2005 or 2006.

The president married his wife, Melania Trump, in January 2005. Huddy went on to note that she was "surprised," that Trump attempted to go that far, but that after turning down his advances, he never tried to make a move again.

Huddy's past

Juliet Huddy was in the headlines earlier this year after reaching a settlement with Fox News following her sexual harassment claims against former network host Bill O'Reilly. Huddy addressed these issues in the fall during an interview on "Megyn Kelly Today," which occurred on October 23, which ironically was the same day that her brother John Huddy was fired by Fox News after years as serving as a journalist for the network.