Television Sunday nights are full for those who keep up with TV's most popular shows such as "The Walking Dead" and "Shameless." But, if you have to choose which to watch as it airs live first at 9 PM, which is for you? Both series are equally popular, but have very, very different concepts.

Sunday night, a tough choice in TV

AMC's "The Walking Dead" is a zombie apocalypse thriller currently running in its eighth season, while "Shameless" is Showtime's hit comedy-drama about the wildly dysfunctional family of Frank Gallagher. "Shameless" is also currently airing their eighth season, which just started on Sunday, November 5th.

These are two totally popular/different long-running hits with just one thing in common.

Which Carl would you want to have your back?

They both have male teenage characters named Carl. Carl Grimes is played by actor Chandler Riggs, 18, and Carl Gallagher is played by Ethan Cutkosky, who is also 18. So the question is if you have to choose which Carl is your favorite, who would it be? Here are a few Carl on Carl facts that may help you decide.

Carl Gallagher is streetsmart, and at times a somewhat troubled teen, who has seen and dealt with some crazy family drama and has been raised with an alcoholic and drug-addicted father as a male role model. Carl Grimes on "The Walking Dead" has had a tough road also as far as survival goes.

He had to kill his own mother, has killed numerous people, and fought alongside a group of adults to protect their lives, but he has Rick as his role model.

In spite of many of the things Rick has done, he has always put Carl's best interest and safety first...Frank not so much. Frank Gallagher doesn't have to fight to survive, just to find his next buzz.

Both Carl's know how to fight, shoot and do what it takes to survive in different ways of life. But, should these two teenaged Carls ever face-off, who do you believe would win? This is a tough one, but in a straight up fist fight, we have to believe Carl Gallagher would destroy Carl Grimes.

"Walking Dead" fans have seen Carl's attempt to fight Ron over Enid.

It wasn't pretty and Carl looked very awkward in his attempt.

In a gun battle or a knife fight, we have to give it to Carl Grimes, even with one eye. He has been a skilled shooter a lot longer than Carl Gallagher has been in military school and knows how to take down a walker with a knife. Both Carls are fearless and resourceful in their own settings.

However, just for conversation's sake, if we could ever switch them, how do you believe each would fare in the other's world? Kind of an interesting concept, but completely far off and never going to happen, but what if? Sound off on your thoughts on this silly showdown between the Carls and share what you think about this subject.