Less than one day after another mass shooting took place in the United States, both the political right and left have used it to push their agenda and favorite talking points. For right-wing firebrand and recently hired Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren, she lost her cool after hearing how some high-profiled liberal celebrities reacted to the tragedy.

Tomi on Texas shooting

In the small town of Sutherland Springs, Texas on Sunday, about 50 people made their way inside the local First Baptist Church. As churchgoers took part in the morning service, 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley walked up to the building before unloading with his assault riffle.

After exiting the church, a local resident with a gun of his own chased Kelley off and into his car before being able to carry out additional damage. After an altercation with law enforcement, Kelley decided to take his own life. By the time the incident was under control, 26 people were killed, nearly half under the age of 18, with dozens more injured. As of press time, officials have reported that there has was no political or religious motive to the attack, instead confirming that it was domestic dispute where Kelley was going after his in-laws. Despite this, partisan news outlets have put their own twist on the story, including fringe conservative outlets falsely claiming the shooter was an atheist member of "ANTIFA" targeting Christians.

After various liberal celebrities, including comedian Chelsea Handler, blamed Republicans for the shooting and called for gun control, Tomi Lahren went off during the November 6 edition of "Final Thoughts."

Following the mass shooting on Sunday, Chelsea Handler tweeted out a message that rubbed many conservatives the wrong way, including Tomi Lahren.

"Innocent people go to church on Sunday to honor their God, and while doing so, get shot in killed," Handler wrote, before adding, "What country? America. Why? Republicans." Lahren wasn't happy and made the comedian a focal point of her latest rant.

After offering her "thoughts and prayers" to the victims in Texas, Tomi Lahren lashed out at critics, including Chelsea Handler.

"If you're one of those 'journalists' or arrogant Twitter warriors who takes issue with our prayers or finds it cliche, well that says a lot about your character," Lahren said. "Speaking of character, it's clear comedian-turned-political-'genius' Chelsea Handler is severely lacking in that department," she went on to say.

"Chelsea, that’s a pretty bold statement and so utterly stupid and ridiculous that I doubt even you believe it," Tomi Lahren added as her voice picked up in anger. "Republicans? Are you freaking kiddin' me?" she rhetorically asked.

"Why is it when a radical Muslim murders innocent people in the name of Islam these liberals refuse to blame or even say radical Islam, BUT when a white man murders innocents, they blame Republicans, all white people and the NRA?" she noted.

Double down

Tomi Lahren continued on with her rant, making sure to hit all the usual right-wing talking points when it comes to gun rights, gun control, and what to say following a mass shooting of this magnitude. In conclusion, she offered some praise for the people of Texas by putting down critics, stating, "If you think it's wise to lecture Texans on gun control, you clearly haven't spent much time in Texas."

Moving forward

As Tomi Lahren and other conservative commentators get triggered over the reaction of liberals to a mass shooting where the gunman was able to gain access to an assault riffle, it's unlikely that the rift between both sides on the issue ends anytime soon.