Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney of "Vanderpump Rules" are married and the couple seems to be doing great. It took Tom a long time to even propose to her. Now Us Weekly is sharing that these two are admitting that they aren't happily ever after, but that doesn't mean that they are done either. Being married is hard for anyone and they are dealing with those issues right now.

What will fans see on the new season?

It is almost time for season six of "Vanderpump Rules" and these two admit that they are going through a few problems and that it is all going to play out in the new season.

While at the NBCUniversal Press Junket at Beauty and Essex in Hollywood on Monday, November 13 Tom spoke out saying "We’re not happily ever after, We still have a lot of work to do.” Added Katie: “We would be lying to ourselves if we said everything is great, but it is significantly a lot better.”

Tom shared that he is now excited about the future and he used to be scared about it. He admits that they are thinking about kids and stuff, but they just don't seem to be quite there yet. Katie says that the future is now a lot less scary than she thought it would be. It sounds like these two are just dealing with the things that everyone deals within a new marriage. They got married back in August.

Time for "Vanderpump Rules"

The new season of "Vanderpump Rules" is going to start airing on December 4 on Bravo and this sounds like a great one. Stassi recently split from Patrick again, but he did do some filming on the show first. Jax and Brittany are still together, but everyone saw on their spin-off that they had a few issues recently.

Tom and Katie will be dealing with the first year of marriage. Tom Sandoval and Ariana are still doing well with each other, but these two may never get married. Ariana has made it very clear that marriage isn't something that she wants in the future. There are also rumors that LaLa Kent is back and might bring her boyfriend on the show this season.

"Vanderpump Rules" is always full of drama, so the fans can't wait to see how it goes this season. Only a few more weeks until it starts and everyone can see it all. The drama will be there for sure.

Are you shocked to hear that Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz say that their relationship isn't happily ever after? Do you feel like these two will end up making it? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new episodes of "Vanderpump Rules" when it starts airing in December on Bravo.