The newlywed Korean celebrity couple, Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-Kyo, was spotted in Madrid, Spain, two days after their wedding on October 31. A new video has now surfaced that claims that the Hallyu couple is spending their honeymoon in Madrid, Spain. South Korean entertainment news website Soompi has also confirmed on its Twitter page that the couple was spotted in Spain.

What happened at the wedding

Despite Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-Kyo making it clear that they wanted to have a quiet wedding ceremony with their close friends, some miscreants flew drones over Shilla Hotel on the day of the wedding.

Initially, many stated that it was the Chinese media that flew drones over the wedding venue. However, reports that surfaced later claimed that it wasn’t the Chinese media. However, it’s worth noting that the Chinese media was after Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-Kyo to obtain permission from the couple to live stream the wedding.

In exchange, they offered to pay the “Descendants of the Sun” couple millions of dollars. The stars, however, turned down the offer. They also turned down other sponsors who approached them for exclusive rights to their wedding.

SongSong honeymoon

Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-Kyo have been tight-lipped about the honeymoon destination. A day after the wedding, the South Korean duo was spotted at Incheon airport in Seoul.

Photographs clicked by fans showed the couple checking it at the airport. Although it is public knowledge that the SongSong couple will spending their honeymoon in Europe, both actors have been tight-lipped about the country.

Romantic destinations in Europe

One theory is that the Hallyu couple will spend a couple of days in each country in Europe.

This includes romantic destinations like Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, and Austria.

From the looks of it, the South Korean couple will be spending less Time In France as they apparently spent most of the time in France before the wedding. The couple was seen shopping in Paris.

Blossom Entertainment, Song Joong-Ki’s agency, as well as UAA, Song Hye-Kyo’s agency, have not revealed when the couple would return from their honeymoon.

If the SongSong couple decide to visit many countries in Europe, it will be a while before they return to the show business in South Korea.

Neither actor Song Joong-Ki nor his wife Song Hye-Kyo has signed up any project yet. Soon after he completed the filming of “The Battleship Island,” the actor made it clear that he wants to start a family and spend time with his loving wife.

Watch more photos of the wedding here.