"The Young and the Restless" spoiler alerts indicate that things will soon go from bad to worse for Cane Ashby. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Lily will remain at his side during the crisis which indicates it will not be related to the divorce. For now, the proceedings have been put on hold because of Juliet's death and the premature birth of her son. Spoilers suggest that the drama will center around baby Sam's. They suggest that his condition might worsen and Cane is fearful he will lose this child he never wanted. There is also the possibility that blood tests may be run which indicate the little boy is not Cane's biological child.

'Lane' fans continue to believe the baby is not Cane's.

A blood test concluded that Cane was the father of Juliet's baby, but "LAne" fans continue to doubt. One reason is that Y&R has never satisfactorily explained "Jane's" one time tryst in Tokyo. Juliet was seen helping Mr. Ashby to his hotel room and later getting up from the same bed that he was sleeping on. Conveniently Ms. Helton left an earring in the bed and her negligee was placed in Cane's suitcase. This looked suspicious and increased the sentiment that she had staged the entire event. There is also the fact that Mr. Ashby was so drunk on Sake he did not even remember sleeping with Juliet.

This gave "Lane" fans hope that Juliet would be found out and not cause Cane and Lily to break up.

There was even speculation that Ms. Helton and Jordan were working together but that theory has never been proven. Now that Juliet is dead there is only one way to indicate a fraud has occurred. If Cane's world is going to come crashing down it possibly could happen if baby Sam needs a blood transfusion and he finds out that he is not a match.

Considering that Juliet and Zack have both died it would not seem likely that Y&R would not have the baby to pass away also.

Cane and Lily may reunite

Now that Juliet is no longer in the picture it may be easier for Lily to forgive her spouse, and possibly offer to co-parent the child if he survives. Should baby Sam turn out not to belong to Cane, his wife may still offer moral support.

Whatever happens, to turn his world upside down will be easier knowing his wife is standing by him. This could be just the break that "Lane" fans are looking for, and perhaps their favorite couple will get back together. Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM on CBS for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless"