Earlier this week, a promo for The Young and the Restless revealed that a character would die. Speculation immediately ran rampant on which character would meet a tragic end. In today’s episode, Juliet showed up at the courthouse just as Cane and Lily’s divorce hearing was about to start. As she was waiting in the lobby with Charlie, she started to experience cramps, which caused her to pass out and start bleeding. This turn of events appears to be leading to tragedy for Juliet and her baby.

Juliet's pregnancy

Juliet has become a focal point of the show’s storylines since her debut back in February.

The character was introduced as a new assistant to Cane Ashby. Together the two worked to close deals for Brash & Sassy, Victoria Newman’s cosmetics company. During a business trip to Japan, their relationship took a different turn.

After scoring an important business deal, Juliet and Cane celebrated with a night on the town. The next morning, a hungover Cane woke up to find a naked Juliet in his bed. Fearing that this will lead to the end of his marriage to Lily, Cane told Juliet to keep it a secret.

Yet, Cane and Juliet’s one night stand would soon be exposed. After Juliet was fired from Brash & Sassy, she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Cane and the company. Despite the lawsuit, Lily stood by her husband.

Yet, during the trial, the secret of Cane and Juliet’s tryst was revealed via the hotel’s video footage. Following the trial, Cane was fired from his job and Lily kicked him out of the house.

Despite his hardships, Cane fought for his marriage. Yet, his and Lily’s relationship was hit with another problem when Juliet revealed she was pregnant with Cane’s baby.

The revelation was the final straw for Lily, who filed for divorce. Cane meanwhile began to form a new relationship with Juliet as the bonded over the baby.

Juliet's life at risk

Juliet’s happiness over her baby would soon be shattered. After experiencing cramps early in her pregnancy, doctors diagnosed her with a medical condition that would be dangerous for her and the baby.

Worried about the health of Juliet and their baby, Cane moved her into the Chancellor mansion. With his marriage over, it seemed like Cane was ready to start a new life with Juliet and their child. But now, their future is in jeopardy.

Previews for the next episode show Juliet in surgery as doctors try to the life of her and her baby. This seems to foreshadow that the end is near for the character. But as with all soap operas, there’s always a twist.

Is it possible Juliet and her baby survive? Will one of them die during surgery? What will this mean for Cane and Lily’s relationship? Viewers will have to tune in to learn the fate of Juliet and her baby.