Abby and Scott have been at odds with each other on "The Young and the Restless" since day one. They argue and put each other down, but viewers have suspected that they really care for one another. Zack has even suggested on more than one occasions that Laureen's son is interested in his girlfriend. On Wednesday (Nov. 15) their true emotions came to the surface when Scott and Abby were trapped together in a storage unit. It was Victor's daughter who made the first move and leaned in for a passionate kiss that was returned. Previews for Thursday indicate that Paul and Sharon will open the storage unit door, but it's not clear what will greet them when they do.

Crystal's truth set things in motion for Abby and Scott

During Victor's gathering at the Top of the Towers, Crystal announced that Zack was using the Newman app as a front for a prostitution ring. This set everything in motions and realizing his cover was blown, Zack took off with Abby in tow. Scott ran behind them and it was clear in that moment this was personal. While he was driving Ms. Newman's beau eventually admitted the truth and took her to a storage unit where he had some of his positions. When Scott showed up, Abby refused to leave with Zack so he pulled down the door and locked them in.

On Wednesday, Scott began having either a panic attack or a moment of PTSD as he began to hyperventilate, became paranoid and feared that something bad was going to happen.

Abby talked him through it and got him to calm down. As he was sitting quietly she reached out and held his hand. She then hugged him and finally positioned herself for the kiss that viewers knew was coming. Mr. Granger began kissing her back and then previews for Thursday were shown, with Sharon and Paul lifting the storage unit door.

Sharon and Paul may realize the truth, or not

This scene may be like many where it is a complete deception. By the time Paul and Sharon open the door, Scott and Abby's moment may be over, or they may be caught in each other's arms. Either way, these two must acknowledge that they care for each other, and this was not simply two people reaching out before they die.

Even if it does not happen immediately, Sharon will eventually realize that Scott is not the man she believed him to be.

Laureen has warned her to stay away from her son, and Nick has made it clear he does not like Mr. Granger. Sharon just recently admitted to her former spouse that her feelings had been creeping up on her and she cared more than she realized. More than likely, "The Young and the Restless" will milk this for all it is worth and take a long time before everyone in Genoa City knows that Victor and Ashley's daughter and Laureen's son have serious feelings for each other.